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Book Reading Tips from Geniuses

There is something about reading a book that is so rewarding. We believe it is because it not only provides you with an escape but also teaches you about yourself, the world, and life in general. Reading is a great way to pass the time, improve your vocabulary, and even learn useful information. 

However, it is also important to be an avid reader since reading is one of the essential skills that are required in today’s world. That’s true, but have you ever wondered how geniuses read their books? Read more.

How Do Geniuses Read Their Book?

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Reading literature is not just an act of learning. It is also an act of expression. Reading fiction – the ability to touch the imagination – is the most fulfilling experience in life. This is why people try to read books. But there are some people who are more inspired by books than others. Geniuses are these people who are able to turn reading into an art.

They say that geniuses are not only rare but also highly selective. Although it is true that geniuses tend to be selective with what they read, their reasons are not always the same. They know what they are looking for. Their reasons are not always based on the same logic, but the same logic helps them figure out what they are looking for. So, how do they do it? One of the best ways to do so is through the power of focusing. As you know, when you read, you don’t just read the words on the page.

Geniuses are known for being very good at reading. That’s why they are often able to predict or predict with high probability the future of the market. They are so good at reading. They can even predict what they are going to read next. This is why they are also good at reading.

How to Effectively Read Books the Genius Way

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The most interesting fact we ever learned about reading is that some people are able to read whole books without blinking an eye, while others need to take long breaks between pages, oftentimes enjoying a quick nap during the process. But how do these people read books without needing breaks? After all, it can’t be enjoyable to read pages upon pages at a time.

That’s true. So, if you want to read books like how geniuses do it, check out the following tips:

  • Read books that are relevant to your interests. What are the most important areas of knowledge that you want to become more knowledgeable about? If you are looking for books about economics, you should read books about economics. If you are interested in learning about current events, read current events books.
  • Refrain from subvocalizing. Subvocalization is a term used to describe the process of reading aloud what you’re thinking as you’re reading, as opposed to what the author has explicitly written. It’s not a new concept; professionals in the entertainment industry have long known it as a sign of a performer’s inability to cope with script changes, and it’s not a skill you want to develop for a career as a novelist, either. If you want to read fast like the genius Elon Musk, you need to stop doing subvocalization.
  • Be in the author’s shoes. One of the secrets to reading a book is to look at how the author’s mind works. By doing so, you can better understand the book you are reading. The more you read about the book, the more you can understand it.
  • The smarter you are, the more likely you are to use your eyes, saccades to read text, several studies have shown. But this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that our use of vision is actually more complex than it sounds. We are more likely to glance away from a difficult sentence rather than go back to it, for instance, or turn the pages of a book in the middle of a paragraph. These seemingly careless movements reveal insights into reading comprehension. 
  • Know your reading purpose. We all know the importance of reading and the way reading improves our lives, but we often overlook the importance of reading books that can improve our lives. Being able to read and understand the world around you is the most important skill that every person needs.
  • Read in a place with a relaxing atmosphere. If you are reading a book that you would like to enjoy, you need to relax. You can do that by having a comfortable place to sit, your favorite chair, or a recliner. But, if you have a new book in your hands, you have to buy a new chair. Even if you have the best chair, the best way to read a novel or a book is to have a soundless environment. If you are reading in a noisy environment, you will not be able to concentrate on what you are reading.
  • Finish reading books that are indeed worthy of being finished. It is no secret that when it comes to reading books, we tend to abandon books that aren’t turning out to be what they are supposed to be.  But is that the right thing to do? Of course, there are many people who think that finishing books is a waste of time, but an increasing number of readers are growing to the belief that finishing books is the ultimate way to enjoy books.

Also, the best way to read a book is to give yourself time to do it, because you will notice how much you can learn from books. Reading a book is usually much more effective if you decide to do it in one sitting.


Brilliant people are always reading. They read for different purposes, but they all have one goal in mind. If you’re a person who plans to become successful in life, you need to read. There’s an old saying about golfers: If you want to improve your game, read a book on the game. If you want to improve your life, read a book on how to live. Reading is an important part of everyday life; it improves our mental sharpness, our ability to solve problems, and our ability to see the world for what it is. As with golf, the key to improved reading skills is practice.