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Books that Geniuses Recommend

Are you one of the many people out there curious about the books that smart and intelligent people read? You’re in the right place. This blog will discover books geniuses like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and many more recommend reading. I will also give you lists of a book that assist you in improving your knowledge or feeling like a genius.

What Are the Books Geniuses Recommend?

Smart people are curious intellectually. They keep on reading various kinds of books as opposed to an ordinary person. They read faster as well. They can quickly process the information with better comprehension and retention. They read non-fiction, textbooks, poetry as well as other helpful books. There’s a possibility that they are able to read similar categories, fiction or non-fiction.

If you want to feel like a smart person or genius, then keep on reading to know some of the books these smart people read. This can enhance the level of your smartness too. Reading these books geniuses recommend can assist you in learning vital lessons which you can use to boost and improve your life.

So, what are these books?

Mastery (by The Robert Greene Collection)

For those who want to know their path and wish to become free on their social conditioning, Mastery by The Robert Greene Collection can assist a lot. Mastery is a collection of approximately 1,000 masters, including Einstein, Mozart, Darwin, and many others who are peak performers and set apart from their particular industries. Mastery by The Robert Greene Collection can provide you with a framework that is able to open your creative genius.

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Antifragile (by Nassim Taleb)

A book by renowned writer Nassim Taleb describes the harder you attempt to break me, the powerful I become. I can compare this story to Hydra with her nine heads. As you cut one-off, it is able to grow two more in its place. The main concept of this book is about anti-fragility that can be used to systems, health, individuals, processes, personal struggles, and economics.

Antifragile will educate the readers to become uncertain, struggle, and chaos. In these cases, you are able to have the opportunity to develop the most. What is more, you will also learn that you’ll not be smart or genius without problem and struggle.

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None (by B. Kovner)

This book was authored by a renowned writer B. Kovner, and it’s the preferred reading of genius people like Albert Einstein in the last couple of months of his life. It takes account of humorist stories by the writer. Also, he is the writer of comedian stories in Yiddish, where Yenta Telebent was very renowned and admired. 

 Treatise of Human Nature: Being an Attempt to Introduce the Experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects (David Hume)

This book was written by David Hume, a Treatise of Human Nature: Being an Attempt to Introduce the Experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects is preferred by Albert Einstein, and this book had influenced his growth. The main purpose of this book is to know the connection between science or scientifically used moral philosophy and human nature. This masterpiece reveals a move from metaphysical conjecture.

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Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (by Walter Isaacson)

Walter Isaacson wrote this book. The Benjamin Franklin: An American Life book is one of the many books recommended by Elon Musk. In one interview, he stated regarding this book which he was a businessman and started from nothing. Elon Musk was only a runaway kid.

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The Art of War (by Sun Tzu)

This is an old book that can provide the readers with helpful and useful methods that a Chief Executive Officer or an entrepreneur can utilize to make a wiser technique to make their company become successful and victorious.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow (by Daniel Kahneman)

Daniel Kahneman authors this book, and it can be useful for business fanatics. I recommend everyone reading this book if you wish to make your company more lucrative. If you read this book, you are able to learn that the best mindset is the key to success.

This book will assist you in learning and thinking faster and methodically. You are able to make faster or slower decisions. The author of this book offers the Fast System and Slow System, so you are able to determine when and how to utilize each speed of thinking.

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The Greatest Secret in the World (by Og Mandino)

This is a masterpiece from Og Mandino, one of the bestseller authors. No matter what situation you are in at this point, this is a must-read book. It can assist the readers in becoming wiser with its insights. What is more, it can help the reader plan to undo some features which can assist them in obtaining what they desire in a stress-free way. What is more, the transformational process shown in this book can help you improve your relationships with various kinds of individuals. 

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You Are Not Your Brain (by Jeffrey Schwarz)

Written by Jeffrey Schwarz, this book can assist the readers in flourishing their life. This book will also teach them to use a high level of obedience on how they act and how they think. This book can give the readers an efficient way of controlling their minds. What is more, it also assists them in handling impulses which can affect their productivity, relationships, and overall access in general. If you wish to get rid of the bad habits as well as unhealthy thinking, the You Are Not Your Brain book is ideal for everyone. It can assist a person in getting full control of his life

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7 Habits of Highly Effective People (by Stephen R. Covey)

Written by one of the best writers in the world, Stephen R. Covey, this book allows the reader to discover and use the most excellent habits to boost life situations and productivity. Also, it will teach a person that if he or she wishes to get something, he should do it differently.

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So, if you like to read like a smart individual, you must have a high level of concentration. It is also vital to think of the tips above to assist you in learning the vital things in the book you read.