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Do You Need A High IQ To Be A Scientist?

We cannot ignore the importance and value of intelligence in a particular discipline or setting. It provides an impact on our identity and behavior, uncovering what we are capable of. Having a high average an intellectual quotient is instrumental for us to show our capabilities which will perhaps serve as the stepping stone for us to reach our goals.

All of us have a certain career in our mind, a career that we can imagine ourselves having. The transition to reaching our goals always starts with planning and visualizing them. Because how do we get ourselves to work hard and dedicate our lives and sacrifices to that dream if we have not visualized what it is going to be? Particularly in terms of procedure? The whole process of getting to where we want to be is not something that can be done overnight. Because it is the entire process of achieving our goals, it may consist of a series of failures that might test your determination, or it may be filled with blocks that you will need to climb in order to see the opportunities ahead of it. That is how it works.

Why does Intellectual Quotient Matter?

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The intellectual quotient, which is mostly referred to as IQ, simply reveals our abilities in the areas of comprehension, logical reasoning, problem-solving, pattern recognition, and verbal concepts. These concepts are evident in any standardized IQ tests that you can find on the Internet. With a high level of the intellectual quotient, it would be easy to build a career and meet achievements and opportunities, wouldn’t it? IQ tests definitely reveal our strengths and weaknesses, and those individuals who possess those strengths in almost every area of intelligence will find a pile of opportunities ahead of them. An excellent student, for instance, will be viewed as intelligent. Therefore, she or he will be getting awards and good impressions from people.

Wouldn’t it be easy to impress your employers when you graduate with the identity of being intelligent? Our intellectual quotient does indeed matter in order for us to achieve our goals. However, there is something that must be pierced to our IQ, and that is EQ, which is also referred to by its formal term, emotional quotient. We must also admit that emotional intelligence matters as much as the intellectual quotient does.

There are several professions that require a high level of intellectual quotient: scientists, doctors and surgeons, college professors, mechanical engineers, lawyers, software and IT experts, and much more. These careers require experts and professionals in the field as their expertise is essential for them to be able to give a quality service.

Are Scientists Really Intelligent?

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What is the first thing that comes to mind whenever we hear the word ‘scientists?’ Scientists must be really intelligent because they can understand almost everything that exists in the world by conducting research and experimentations as it is a common activity for them. They have a job of examining a variety of things that exist in the physical world, using a variety of research instruments and methods.

There are several types of scientists that anyone can consider becoming one of, such as biologists who study life, physicists who revolve around physics, astronomers who specialize in outer space, chemists who focus on chemistry, geologists who are known as earth scientists, cytologists who study cells, psychologists who specialize in the study of psychology, oceanographers who study everything about the ocean, computer scientists who focus on technology, and so on. These examples of scientists show that they study or specialize in a particular area of science. This then shows that scientists are indeed intelligent. In fact, some science research stated that a scientist at least has an average IQ of 150, which is considered a superior level of intelligence.

Does this then conclude that in order for anyone to be a scientist, it is required for them to have a high average IQ? Before anyone gets discouraged, being intelligent is not the only trait that anyone would need in order to become a scientist. There are several traits that should be considered. If you have the passion and high determination to learn new things, you can do a scientist’s job.

The following traits should be considered if you desire to become a scientist:

  • Courageous: It is inevitable always to find a dead-end or face failure in simpler words. If you want to be a scientist, you have to be strong and patient so you do not get easily discouraged.
  • Persistent: Being a scientist is not only a job but a full commitment. Despite setbacks, scientists are known to persevere until they succeed.
  • Communicative: A scientist must be a good communicator because there might be a chance that you will not be working alone.
  • Detail-oriented: It is a must for a scientist to be detail-oriented as it is required to make sure you gather all the information.
  • Open-minded: Scientists should always be open to other ideas and be up to making more than one hypothesis.

Critical thinkers and problem solvers: To be a scientist, one must be proficient in critical thinking and problem solving because you will use these skills during research or experimentation.

This shows that even individuals who do not have a superior average of an intellectual quotient could still become scientists. If you have these traits, you are qualified and have a chance to be a scientist. You just have to possess the passion and the drive to reach your goals, to do what you dream for. Any qualifications that are required for a certain profession can be learned and acquired. However, what we must acquire first is faith in ourselves and courage and determination. We must be aware that reaching our goals is not a straight direct process, but it is a long complex process that could last longer and consist of more challenges than anticipated. We just need to trust the process and be persistent, focused, and dedicated because having these traits will be our stepping stone towards our success in the future.