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How To Focus While Playing Video Games

It is said that about 40% of the world’s population plays video games. We have 1.42 billion game consumers in Asia and have the highest number of gamers, followed by Europe with 668 million paying game consumers and Latin America with 382 million. As we were introduced to the field of esports and online streaming, active gamers also started their rapid growth. Video games have also introduced a new and developed type of hobby, freelance work, or full-time job. Online video game streaming is one of the in-demand freelance or full-time jobs that emerged during the pandemic. Given the need for income after our companies closed and we lost our individual office jobs, we were bound to do things that would allow us to work in a work-from-home setting. It has become a primary source of income for some of us who were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To consistently grow and influence our audience to continue watching our online streams while playing video games, we need to improve our gameplay and make it more interesting. Maintaining engagement with the audience while staying focused must be a challenge for newbies in the field of video games. So here are some tips on how to keep a balance between entertaining and staying focused while playing.


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This is where we should choose appropriate and comfortable clothing. Online streaming requires more than 3 hours of playing and entertaining the audience, so it is necessary to choose appropriate clothes as we are presenting ourselves to the public and comfortable clothes as we are doing a three-hour content. We also need to prepare the necessary equipment and furniture that we will be using during the game. It is important to choose a chair that will make us feel comfortable throughout the game. For newbies, gaming chairs must be pricey, so any chair that is soft enough to provide us comfort will be good. Proper equipment, such as gaming phones or computers, is also considered necessary for us to focus because it will give a smooth projection of the game.

Choose the right music

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Some might find it distracting to play music while doing something else, so we could play some music while playing a video game, depending on our preferences. We could play music with exciting beats to generate the same vibe as the game. However, it will still depend on personal preferences. There are several websites or applications that offer playlists, such as YouTube and Spotify.

Take frequent breaks

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Taking breaks from time to time will increase our ability to focus on the game. To sustain our energy, we can eat a small number of snacks and drink water as much as possible. Water helps in transporting oxygen to our brain, which makes it possible for our body to communicate. Thinking in a clear manner allows us to increase our ability to focus on specific objects or concepts. It will also allow us to refresh our minds and be able to come up with better strategies and ideas for the video game. Aside from breaks between the games, it is also important to take our meals before playing to ensure that our energy will last longer.


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We need to take some time to meditate. Doing some basic breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are helpful in decreasing blood pressure, anxiety attacks, and heart rate, which will improve our psychological well-being. These will allow us to abandon frustrations created while playing the game and restart fresh in order for us to be more focused than before. Meditation could also include lighting scented candles or repeating a single word or mantra to help our brain focus on a single, chosen object or concept. It was suggested that we do 40–45 minutes of meditation per day to improve our concentration and mindfulness effectively.


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Other than exercising our minds, it is also necessary to exercise our physical bodies. Video games require hours of sitting, which puts constant pressure on our backs and shoulders. Exercising physically or having a little stretching session before, during, and after the game will help us endure the pressure longer. It will also help us develop our posture and body shape, which could be helpful for a more appropriate projection of ourselves on the screen. Also, these will allow us to focus more on the game since we will not be thinking of how our bodies will hurt over time. Cardio exercises will also help our blood circulation and oxygen levels, which will help us have a clearer mind and focus during the game.

Proper sleep

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We should not deprive ourselves of sleep if we want to spend the day productively. It is necessary for an adult to sleep for 7 to 9 hours in order to regain needed energy for the following day. Both our physical and mental health is greatly affected by not sleeping properly. This might result in an unproductive day, which could lead to wasted time. As gamers, especially those who make use of online streaming as a primary source of income, we do not want to have wasted time just because we did not get proper sleep. Our brains were compared to dishwashers, stating that our brains, during sleep, are cleaned out of debris that was collected during the waking hours. Good sleep allows us to be more effective throughout the day.

Taking care of our personal, physical, and mental well-being is the key to having a more focused game. We have to take care of ourselves to exert more and make great efforts to enhance our skills and focus on video games. Pushing yourself to a certain limit allows us to grow and develop. However, going overboard will only damage our well-being making it more difficult to restart what we have established in the game. It is necessary for us to learn how to take control of our bodies, minds, and desires to know how to use them during activities that require necessary strength.