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What is Neuralink, and will it make us Smarter?

We have different knowledge and capabilities; as humans, our brain is the most complex organ. But if we want to be more intelligent, we can have Neuralink to be implemented in our skull like what Elon Musk does to his. It is just a piece of chip that we need to be implanted into our skull and attached to our brain. We could control a computer using the chip in our head. And of course, when the time goes on, our brains are already connected to the internet. We can already get access to different information that we want to know, and we can decide clearly about something. And fortunately, we can be as successful as we can be.  

What is Neuralink

Neuralink is the name given to a secretive research project at Stanford University that aims to connect humans and machines digitally. The brain-machine interface or BMI is a subfield of computer engineering that seeks to create a way for the brain and nervous system to interface with computers. Like 3D printing, a subfield of computer science, the Neuralink project intends to create a device that digitizes the brains of humans and machines.

Scientists have dreamed up some incredible inventions in the last century. Space travel. The Internet. Genetic modification. Artificial intelligence. And, of course, the Internet of Brains. In 2018, we witnessed a groundbreaking announcement from the Silicon Valley-based company Neuralink. Now 90 days from its first public meeting, the company is researching ways to upload human-like intelligence to the cloud.

Will Neuralink Make Us Smarter?

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Will Neuralink make us smarter? That’s everyone’s asking after Elon Musk revealed hints of his ambitious plan to build a brain-computer interface in Dubai. Neuralink would be a small, implantable chip that users would stick in their heads. It would then hook up to computers, allowing us to make healthier decisions and improve mental capacities. The chip would connect directly to the brain, bypassing other senses and enhancing our senses.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly making its way into several industries, and it’s set to change how we live. While there are concerns about the impact of AI on society—from massive job losses to privacy concerns—many experts agree that artificial intelligence (AI) is bound to revolutionize the workplace. The question is, what will this revolution look like? According to some experts, it will include increased collaboration between man and machine—and it may even involve humans merging with AI. 

Neuralink’s brain-machine interface technology would help with a number of problems. The startup’s website lists potential applications in fields such as neuroprosthetics, virtual reality, and augmented reality. For example, the startup’s devices could help people who experience paralysis due to spinal cord injuries. The devices could also be used to help restore mobility to people who’ve lost limbs or even help them to control prosthetic limbs by stimulating the nerves in their existing limbs.

Can Neuralink Chip Be Removed from Our Brain? 

If you think we can remove the Neuralink chip, yes, we can. We can remove it at any time, but it may cause you further surgery and other equipment fees. I hope that we don’t need to be added for additional costs if the chips need to be removed because of some consequence of any issue. And also, the company will be required to remove the chip after 10 years of use anyway. 

But for the main time, there are no human trials with Neuralink because most trials have been done on pigs. For the reason that pigs can possess anatomy that a human in a number of ways. They have already installed and removed the chip from one of the normal pigs, and no side effect has been listed. 

But Elon Musk says that it might have been some side effect for a human if we installed and removed the Neuralink chip. We might be experiencing: 

  • Brain damage 
  • Paralysis 
  • Blindness 
  • Strokes 
  • Hearing loss 
  • Memory loss 
  • Addiction 
  • Extreme pain 
  • Insomnia 
  • Depression 
  • Seizures 
  • Anxiety 

How Is Neuralink Initially Installed?

If we are curious about how Neuralink will be installed, watch the online video of Elon Musk. In the video, he already stated that even the most competent neurosurgeon would be unable to implant the N1 chip into someone’s skull. That’s why Neuralink will be implanted by robots that are specially designed for surgery under the supervision of prominent neuroscientists. 

The company said that the surgery is fairly complicated. That’s the reason why they are using a specially designed robot to implant the chip on the brain efficiently and accurately. It is because the chip will implant in your brain using a microscope and needles with a diameter of 24 microns. The naked eye wouldn’t see it, which explains why Musk said the surgery couldn’t be performed even by a competent neurosurgeon. During this procedure, ten thousand electrodes will be implanted into the brain to affix the N1 chip to the skull. The corporation said that they inject the chip according to the government’s health rules to ensure the users’ safety. 

What Will Neuralink Be Used For?

This company project will want to focus on assisting the healthcare industry. Neuralink’s Neural Lace chip would interface with the human brain and wirelessly transmit information to and from the brain. The Neuralink will benefit the ability to restore movement, speech, and even people’s memory. The corporation wants to upgrade the Neuralink to sharing our thoughts even without opening our mouths or making a hand gesture. We will just read each other minds to get the information that we want to share with each other. Even if we’re reading each other minds still, we can have our privacy; we don’t share all the information that we have in mind trough telepathically. We still have a choice to keep those though or information.