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Benefits of Listening to Music (Can it help you Focus?)

Being focused can play a critical role in our success. It can increase our productivity, produce a quality of work, keep us motivated to handle a different project, and reduce stress. 

Staying focused, however, becomes more challenging than ever. According to a recent survey conducted by Udemy, more than 70% of employees feel distracted while at work. Experts also say that an average desk employee loses approximately 2.1 hours to interruptions and distractions per day. 

The good news is that there are useful ways to concentrate on a specific task. Listening to classical music, in particular, can increase focus based on a study by the Stanford University School of Medicine. Scientists revealed it could help the brain absorb and even interpret new information more quickly than people who do not listen to songs. 

Now, what’s the science behind that? How and why it helps? When it’s good to have music? What types of music to listen to? What are the other benefits of streaming to songs? You will know them all in this guide. Keep reading for more.

Music Can Really Improve One’s Concentration According to Experts 

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Every day, we face multiple distractions, and that’s normal. But here’s the thing. It is complicated to be mentally alert for hours every day. 

Of course, if you are in the office or school, you would try your best to concentrate. What if nothing happens after everything you have done? That could be quite terrible and frustrating. 

But say bye to that discomfort by streaming to your favorite playlist. 

According to scientist Tram Nguyen, memory performance is best while listening to low arousal negative music, known for slow tempos and melodies that incite a feeling of despondency. But background music did not have an effect on other participants. 

A 2007 research suggested that music could engage our brain in such a way that it trains it to absorb new information, pay better attention to every event, make interpretations, and even improve reasoning skills. 

Another study, participated by 41 boys with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), resulted in better performance, especially in the classroom. The background music, unfortunately, distracted the other participants, which is not uncommon. 

When we concentrate on a specific task, we only use a part of our brain. It is no surprise we lose concentration. On the contrary, listening to music is one of the activities that allow us to use both sides of the brain, preventing us from losing our focus. 

When It’s Good To Listen to Your Music Playlist? 

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Actually, there’s no rule when to listen to songs. Whether you feel down or experience a hard time focusing, music has a calming effect that can boost your mood and concentration. 

But what are the common tasks wherein you might be out of focus? Good question, and you are in the right place. 


Who gets stressed when preparing for a major exam? Raise your hand. That’s all right, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. 

But what would you do now since you could not afford to fail? Why don’t you try to listen to music while studying? 

Research indicated that streaming songs creates a positive effect on both the left and right brain, taking our learning ability and memory to another level. 


Did you know that approximately 40% of an employee’s workday is spent on something non-productive? 

That’s a lot. While it caused companies millions of dollars, it also has a great impact on you as an employee. 

Automatically, it will cause too much stress that is difficult to deal with. Imagine if you have a pile of paper works or business presentations to finish. That could be depressing. Then, leaving your unproductivity unattended can lead to dissatisfaction, or worse, resignation. 

Before that situation happens, get your phone and earbuds. Then, tap the play button of your music playlist. You will experience a big difference for sure. 


It is always fun to read an autobiography or a novel. But nothing beats reading while your earphones or headsets are on, right? 

A romantic novel with some love songs is a perfect combination. If you get bored with that, you can try something upbeat definitely. 

What Types of Music to Listen to 

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There are multiple songs that will surely improve concentration, making your selection process difficult. But there is nothing to worry about as the following are your best choices. 


A lot of people think that pop songs are only upbeat and lively. But remember that this genre of music comes in different musical styles depending on what you select. Western pop music will be your best. But over the years, K-pop has been gaining immense popularity. You can give it a try as well if you want something unique. 

Blue and Jazz 

Blue and jazz are among the other genres of music you shouldn’t miss. What most people love about them is their unexpected change in tunes, which can boost your alertness and creativity. 

Whether you are doing an imaginative or logical task, hearing blues and jazz can make a big difference. 


Classical is another genre that most people talk about when it comes to concentration. It is believed that its abstract melodic tunes can stimulate specific kinds of brain waves. 

But like pop, its slow rhythm can make some sleepy. Not every classical piece is like that, though. Just be careful when looking for one to download on popular platforms online. You can also ask for help from friends to save your time. 

Other Advantages of Music 

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Aside from improving an individual’s focus, below are the other benefits of listening to songs: 

A good source of motivation – A 2019 study found that music can activate reward centers in the brain, which are thought to provide motivation. 

It comes with a mood-changing effect – It can reduce not only stress but also ensure a positive mindset. 

A new way to improve your memorization skills – But it might not work for some. 

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