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6 Best Brain Training Board Games on Amazon

Are you searching for the best brain training board games? Good news because you are in the right place. Our brain is the most complex body organ, and we try to know this complex structure now and then but fail each time something new emerges. With the partial and inadequate verified knowledge out there, people learn how the brains simultaneously manage many tasks.

Our brain is divided into a lot of regions that have particular dominant functions; however, these need to work in unison to produce even the simplest reactions, such as picking up a spoon. In the same way, keeping your memory seems like a simple task; however, it is quite an exercise for the brain.

Science Behind Board Games for Brain Training

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Board games are played via moving pieces in specific manners on a special board marked with outlines and patterns. To simplify the possible function of board games utilized in psychosomatic medicine. A literature study done between 2012 and January to 2018 August identified 83 relevant articles, 67% targeted training or education for health-related issues, 7% checked basic brain mechanisms, 6% assessed preventative measures for dementia or additions to healthy aging, and 4% assessed social communication.

The outcomes of randomized controlled tests show that playing board games like Shogi, Go, chess, etc., helps improve cognitive impairment, which depression, and which playing new-made board games is advantageous for behavioral changes like promoting healthy eating and smoking cessation.

Top Rated Board Games for Brain Training Available on Amazon

There are a lot of ways to improve the process of learning and begin brain training at a young phase of development. However, kids are often drawn away from scientific knowledge and tough subjects.

If you do not know already which games will be ideal for your family and children, then have time to learn about it. Below is the list of the best board games from which you can extract perks.

PressMan Chess

Chess is one of the most popular and played board games all over the world. This board game was developed almost a half-century ago and today is the most common strategy board game. Playing this game improves IQ level, focus or concentration, and brain development. 

Chess makes you think profoundly and keenly about the best solutions to an issue and never quit.

Aside from helping improve skills, chess also assists in getting rid of the chance of having Alzheimer’s disease. The brain is a vital part of the body, and it requires exercise like other parts to keep fit and healthy. It teaches us to focus and plan.

Playing this board game, you need to think prior to making a move. The entire game revolves around critical and logical thinking. As you continuously visualize your moves and the countermove of your opponents, it enhances your focus and concentration.


  • Enhances motor skills
  • Prevents Alzheimer
  • Enhances IQ level
  • Improve focus and critical thinking
  • Ideal family game
  • Affordable and portable


  • Fragile pieces, so you need to be extra careful

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SmartGames – Puzzle

This is a fantastic board game to boost short-term memory. Our brain has two hemispheres, and this assists boost the activity of these hemispheres. One part of your brain is responsible for controlling logical thinking, while the other is for creativity.

Playing this board game, you exercise critical thinking because you need to think logically for every step to finish the puzzle. It assists in improving motor skills in children and facilitates their focus. We use our memory to recall the techniques, shapes, and techniques while completing the puzzle to assist next time if we play it.

This board game comes with five puzzle pieces, a book with pictures, a booklet with challenges, four-level games, a little red riding hood, three trees, a wolf, and a house.


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Improve motor skills
  • It helps improve critical thinking and IQ


  • Has flimsy page
  • Hard to understand

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ThinkFun Laser Maze

Physical exercise keeps your body fit and healthy. The same goes for the brain. Playing games like this can assist in exercising your brain cells. This maze game helps boost IQ level, problem solving skills, and critical thinking. 

It is available in different pieces, and to finish the game, you need to concentrate on the movement of every detail. It assists with focus and concentration. If you visualize your moves to complete the maze and how to put each piece, it improves your spatial reasoning skills. Also, it is a good STEM board game. 

This game comes with different challenge cards, and to win, you need to think smartly and logically, which assists with problem solving skills. Linking pieces in the right position boosts motor skills. 

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Settlers of Catan 

This is one of the best multiplayer strategy board games available on Amazon. Here, each player is settled on Catan Island. The board acts as the Catan map. Players need to be the dominant force on the island, gathering resources to build cities, roads, and settlements. The resources take account of grain, wood, sheep, brick, and stones; game cards represent these resources. 


  • Easy to play
  • Made of high quality materials, it will last for many years of use
  • Learn how to analyze the current environment


  • Some find it expensive board game

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Cashflow 101

Robert Kiyosaki made this board game. It teaches players basic financial literacy and comes with two tracks, fast track and rat race. The primary purpose of this game is to boost your economic thinking so that you are able to get out of the rate race.


  • You will learn how to differentiate liabilities and assets
  • You will know how to maintain a basic income statement
  • You will learn how to make a balance sheet


  • Some find it hard to play

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SmartGames Smart Farmer Board Game

Children are likely to learn a low when they’re having fun. Board games like this assist kids with critical thinking, IQ level, problem solving skills, etc. This board game assists in boosting kids’ cognitive levels. It is a type of puzzle game that triggers motor skills. 

To finish the puzzle, players need to determine which shapes go where. This improves spatial reasoning and visualization. 


  • Portable and cheap 
  • Increase IQ level 
  • Improves cognitive skills


  • Fragile pieces 

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Board games are very popular even before. Recent studies back up the significance of board games in training the brain and memory and improving IQ levels. Make sure to consider these board games if you are searching for a gift to give to your little ones.