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Best Careers for People with High IQ

High intelligence is a gift. But when people choose a career that does not match their passion or skills, that could be a problem.  

Looking for a career, however, is challenging, and it requires a lot of time and effort. Following what your heart desires can help you make a sound, quick, and confident decision.  

Now, what professions need intelligent people like you? Good career choices include medicine, teaching, law, engineering, and any field in science.  

But what makes each of these careers ideal for individuals with a high IQ? What are some reasons gifted individuals pursue a career in these professions?  

Good questions and you came to the right place. In this guide, you will know them all. Without further ado, let’s get started!  

Top Careers for Those with a High IQ 


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Who does not want to experience the thrill of every discovery?  

Everyone would love that. But not everyone is scientifically inclined. But if you excel in science since you’re young, becoming a scientist is a good pick.  

Depending on your talents, it is not impossible to work at NASA. What field of science would you specialize in? It could be botany, seismology, epidemiology, physics, geology, microbiology, or marine biology.  


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To be a doctor is not easy and those with a high IQ and EQ always have the edge over the others.  

Before people can become a doctor of medicine, they have to study for years, apart from their baccalaureate degree.  

That’s exhausting. But if you have the intelligence and enthusiasm to learn, everything is possible.  

Also, the salary is another thing that will inspire you.  

On average, a doctor in the US can earn around $313,000 annually, according to a Medscape Report. That’s a lot. The compensation may also vary depending on your specialization. Neurosurgeons, in particular, are the top earners.  

Design Engineers

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Designing, processing, and testing materials to build biomedical devices, computer chips, or aircraft wings are not for people with an average IQ.  

Like doctors, design engineers devote their time studying the structures and properties of materials, including composites, metals, and ceramics.  

Whether you dream of becoming an engineer or have the talent, you can never go wrong with a material engineering job.  


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According to Select USA, the financial industry represented approximately $1.5 trillion of the country’s gross domestic product in 2018 alone.  

For that reason, over 6.3 million professionals were employed in the same year. Employment opportunities are also estimated to double in the coming years.  

Aside from that, there are numerous finance jobs to pick, including a risk manager, financial advisor, private equity analyst, financial analyst, and finance director.  

Here is the thing. The financial industry is tricky, and only smart and hardworking people can surpass the challenges along the way.  


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College and university professorship is another enticing job. The salary, for example, is what catches people’s attention.  

According to the American Association of University Professors, one can earn approximately $136,506 every year. That’s massive.  

But apart from the salary, watching students learn and apply skills in real life scenarios is more rewarding than anything else.  

Unfortunately, it will not be easy to become a university or college professor. Even if the period of studying is far from a doctor of medicine, it is complicated.  

Electrical Engineers

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Are you one of those who can solve any mathematical equations with ease?  

Well, you’re lucky, as most people hate Math.  

But what career should you pursue? An electrical engineering job will be your best bet.  

Other excellent alternatives are accountants, chemists, marine architects, economists, astronomers, operations research analysts, and statisticians.  

If you still experience a hard time figuring out what profession to select, there’s no pressure. Just take your time.  

IT Professionals

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Another career perfect for people with a high IQ is information technology.  

If you are a geek, nothing is better than information technology. 

Like the other professions in this list, the salary of IT professionals can range from $98,496 to $113,745 every year, according to Zip Recruiter. This also depends on your experience. The more comprehensive your expertise, the higher the salary.  

Information technology has been gaining immense popularity because of its job diversity. With its high demand from the market, you can work in insurance, aerospace, retail, healthcare, banking, and other sectors.  


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Law is constantly changing in the US, so aspiring attorneys always have a hard time adjusting.  

Do you have the intelligence and patience to surpass every challenge you might encounter along the way?  

If you possess these qualities, you can become a successful lawyer in the future, for sure.  

But your job does not stop there. You also have to conduct a thorough analysis of any legal problem, interpret laws for your clients, and represent people in court.  

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Career 

Now, what profession do you want to take? Are you still confused? If yes, there is nothing to worry about. You are only human, after all. Also, you do not have to hurry, as deciding on what career to pursue is a big decision to make.  

Below are some factors you can weigh in mind to help you decide with peace of mind:  


Many people are forced to enroll in a course they do not like. Do not do the same thing. Follow what you like. Do you love to draw? If yes, you could consider a career in architecture, graphic, and fashion design. Do you enjoy mathematics or science? Then, you could become an engineer, accountant, or scientist.  


Another factor that you can consider is your talent. Why would you choose a profession in which you do not have any talent at all? You will just make your life terrible and stressful. During your spare time, be sure to reflect. You can also ask for help from your parents, relatives, and closest friends. But your final decision is up to you. The secret here is to listen to your heart. In case you made a wrong choice, you could find another career path, of course!