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Careers that require the lowest IQ

In the competitive world that we have, we are being shaped to “excel” in every endeavour to succeed or at least to stay afloat in the competition. It became a must that an individual has superb communication skills, critical analysis, proficiency in reading and writing. All of these skills require a person to have at least an average IQ or above the above-average IQ.

It becomes a stigma and a source of bullying if the person has a lower IQ. Such deficiency becomes an obstacle for one to having a decent job as well as a comfortable life. However, despite such a perception of the person who got a lower IQ, some careers are fit and ideal for a person who has a low or the lowest IQ.

The level of IQ became a barometer that gauges a person’s standing in society. What is the IQ that makes a classification between men?  

Simply put, an IQ is an assessment that determines the person’s ability to solve problems, reason out, and as well as the ability to think.

I may not be a person with a low IQ, but admittedly, there are jobs that may not suit me.  I am indulging in tasks that require critical thinking and analysis. It may come as a surprise that not because you have a high IQ will already make you do all the types of jobs, for there are jobs that will make an intelligent person not perform well or may not even excel.  

Let us scroll down and find out what are careers that require the lowest IQ.

What are the best jobs if one has a low IQ?

As Albert Einstein had once said, “do not expect a fish to climb a tree,” This means that each one has a distinct ability. The person will excel if properly placed in a situation that is fitted or suited to his ability level. Here is the best for people who can be classified as having the lowest I.Q and, if properly placed in these jobs, may even excel in the chosen career.


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A perfect job for people that do need to make any mental advances and critical thinking is being a janitor. The main task is to make the area clean and ensure to keep it that way. Cleaning does not require one to use his judgment, and the tasks are just monotonous and only involve a physical act.

Though janitorial jobs may require a certain level of thinking, it is not more about analysing or using one’s discretion. The area to be cleaned has already been identified and pointed out by the immediate supervisor. The janitor’s job is to just carry out the order that has been given and does not need to have closer supervision.

Any physically abled individual, even without any formal education, can become a janitor. It should be looked down on, for it is classified as a demanding job for most establishments that need a janitor’s services.


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Ideal for people that are tedious but do not want to engage in deep critical thinking. It is the job of the bussers. The main focus is to make sure that dirty dishes are being brought to the kitchen. It is purely a physical act and does not involve any use of his or her discretion.

There could be some linear tasks such as large pots and pans that should be hand-washed, but it still does not involve any deeper thinking.


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People with a low IQ will surely love being a dishwasher, for it is only a repetitive task. It does involve any use of technology that requires some technical know-how. Anybody who loves soap dishes can become a dishwasher without undergoing any type of examination, and there is no requirement for formal education.

Assembly line worker

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One characteristic of people with a low IQ is that they are not bored with repetitive tasks, unlike those who have a higher IQ level. Being an assembly line worker is a job that is a tailored fit for a low-level IQ person. He or she will be delighted to do a task that is only focused on one thing without even having to do some overthinking about what should be the next task.

You can have this type of job even if you do not have any special skills or abilities. All you have to do is be patient with the unchanging task.


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You may have been a frequent goer to the salon and beauty shops where shampooers are usually employed. It is a cool job, especially for people that do not want to do analytical thinking. It is a job suited to a person who has a low IQ because there are no complicated tasks involved. He or she has to shampoo the hair of the customer and do a little head massage. A simple task that does not need one to be a holder of formal education to become a shampooer.

Carwash attendant

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The usual tasks of a carwash attendant are washing, vacuuming the interior of the car or taxi, and applying tire dressings. Tasks that do not require use mental prowess and ability. Most carwash bosses do not require their carwash attendant to have a formal education, but some may require such as having a high school diploma or a GED.

Fruit picker

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The job is only in season and can never be replaced by any machinery because the fruits are delicate that they should be handpicked. Though it may be a tiring job, this is ideal for low-IQ individuals because they do not need to make any mental judgment. The tasks are repetitive and do need to make use of mathematical calculation. The fruit picker must only observe being careful, considering that fruits are fragile.