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College Majors With the Lowest Average IQs

Every one of us has our own ability and potential. We would excel in some respects, and we would underperform in others. This is normal, I believe, as we have our own pace to be progressive and successful in any way to achieve our goals. We all want to be successful and progressive every time. Still, there will always be a moment where struggling is inevitable, and sometimes, we would face failure in processing or understanding something. However, this is not the basis of our success in life. Our determination and resourcefulness will determine the flow of our journey towards success.

Every learner has their own ability to learn, at any cost to intelligence. However, due to weakness in a certain area of intelligence, students tend to struggle in learning at school. It would affect their progress and way of dealing with situations, revealing the value of their capacity of intelligence. 

What is IQ?

IQ is the short form for Intellectual Quotient, which refers to the measurement of one’s ability to learn, comprehend, process and reason. So, what exactly is the main purpose of testing IQ? An IQ test is originally designed to assess an individual’s intellectual abilities and potential. IQ tests have been around for almost a century and are still widely used. This exam is commonly used in schools to help teachers acquire information about a student’s cognitive ability so that they can help them develop their full potential.

According to Joel Schneider, intellectual Quotient examinations serve a variety of objectives, a psychologist at Illinois State University in Normal. The test varies depending on the individual’s age, and some may be designed for those with certain disabilities.

People with high IQs are often labeled as geniuses or profoundly brilliant. To break down the IQ scores, a score of 160 or more is considered genius; a score of 145-159 is considered high; a score of 116-144 is regarded above average; 85-115 is viewed as average; a score of 71-84 is considered below average, and a score of 1–70 is considered low.

A standardized test for intellectual quotient is just one search away for those who want to know their IQ score. You will encounter analogies, visual, logical, classification, and spatial questions. 

College Majors that Have the Lowest Average IQs

Looking into the statistics data provided by the experts from the Educational Testing Service, here are the college majors who have the lowest average intellectual quotient.

Evaluation and Research (109)

The major of Evaluation and Research has an average IQ of 109. Students in this major study advanced research methods with the goal of becoming methodological and measurement experts. Students are expected to graduate with proficiency in statistical analysis, research methods, research design, evaluation techniques, evaluative research, behavioral science research, etc. The average IQ in this major seems ironic to me as it is harder than it looks. 

Public Administration (109)

Public Administration major also resulted in having an average IQ of 109. This major teaches students in the courses of government (specifically in the executive arm of local, state, and federal government), business, and management. 

Elementary Education (108)

Other education except elementary education is recorded as having the same average IQ as the previous two majors discussed. The major of Elementary Education has 1 percent lower than the previous three. This program provides education and the most appropriate training to students who can become a future educators at the elementary level. 

Administration (107)

The major of administration has an average IQ lower than the Major of Education. This major includes the preparation of the students to become proficient in terms of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the functions or processes of a particular firm or organization. Graduates are expected to be versed in human resources management and behavior, management theory, accounting, as well as other quantitative methods, organization & production, purchasing & logistics, marketing, and decision-making in business.

Home Economics (106)

With an average IQ of 106, the major of Home Economics ranks fifth among college majors with the lowest average IQ. This major focuses on four areas of home economics: education and training, consumer studies, household resource management, and entrepreneurship and livelihood development. 

Special Education (106) 

Special education has the same average IQ as Home Economics. This major focuses on training individuals to be proficient in art and science to educate children with special needs. 

Student Counseling (105)

Student counseling major allows students to learn how to provide guidance and counsel students to support their personal, social, educational, and vocational development. 

Early Childhood (104)

The major of Early Childhood ranked second to the last among the college majors with the lowest average of IQ. Early Childhood Education enables the student to be proficient in both art and science of teaching children from 0 t0 8 years old. It primarily serves as a wide basis for developmentally appropriate early childhood care and learning practices.

Social Work (103)

Social Work Major has the lowest average IQ. This major is a program that trains individuals to have professional practice in social welfare. They aim to acquire a deep understanding of the challenges and problems people have. They are focused on how to provide basic support services such as resources or counseling. In Social Work, having a high level of emotional intelligence is considered much more important than having a high average IQ. When student graduates with this degree, they are expected to be experts at communication and managing emotions. They should be able to use critical thinking while analyzing social work policies and know the value of collaboration.

Despite the fact that the college majors mentioned above have the lowest average IQ, we cannot deny the reality that there are still many people from these fields that have found success in life. There are also a lot of firms or organizations where emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient, is much more important than intellectual quotient. After all, Einstein once said that “I can” is far more important than intelligence.