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Do You Need a High IQ to be an Engineer?

Are you planning to take an engineering career? Do you wonder if a high IQ is necessary to become an engineer? Then, this post is for you. 

What You Need to Know about Engineers 

Before we dive into knowing whether you need or not a high IQ to be an engineer, let us know first some fun things about this profession.

Did you know that an engineer invented the snowboard? It has become a wonder of biomechanics, chemistry, and geometry. It enables athletes to make precise turns without exerting too much effort because of its design.

Engineers also designed running shoes. They determine the necessary force to travel through the shows to the feet from the pavement. Their design and calculations allow shoes to provide better comfort and performance since weight is effectively spread through the entire foot.

You should thank the engineers for designing the water slides. A pump is used by the water slide to ensure correct water circulation that goes down the slide. If there is the proper amount of water, a ride is impossible. 

Do you love riding a Ferris wheel? It is one of the greatest works of engineering. In 1893, George W. Ferris, a Pennsylvanian engineer, created the first-ever Ferris wheel. Speaking of the Ferris wheel, engineers also have an important role in theme parks. They are involved in crowd control, lighting, building, and designing at theme parks.

Engineers also make an interactive TV possible. The advancements in engineering helped every household enjoy more than 500 channels, gaming systems, and great audio quality. The spacecraft’s launch and return are another engineering victory. This one is impossible without the engineering advancements in energy, computers, structures, and structures.

Have you imagined animators and engineers working together? This collaboration is beneficial to producing quality movies. Computer engineers work with animators in creating special effects. They use morphing technology to make digital images look realistic.

Furthermore, engineers help in creating new technology in the medical industry. Bioengineers are involved in calculating and designing a technology that enables the industry to use virtual reality. This technology helps surgeons in different medical procedures, like facial birth reconstruction.

Is It Necessary to have a High IQ to be an Engineer?

Based on the generally accepted standard, any qualification is obtained with a 110 minimum IQ. Generally, it is easy to enter high school with a 120 or 125 IQ level. If you have a 115 to 120 IQ, you can be an engineer. This IQ also makes you capable of doing necessary tasks in the engineering sector.

What is the Average IQ for each Engineer Type?

Engineering is not limited to being a chemical engineer. You can also be a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, or material science engineer. Below is the average IQ for each type:

  • Mechanical Engineer: 125.5
  • Electrical Engineer: 126
  • Material Science Engineer: 127
  • Chemical Engineer: 127.5 

Is It Required to be a Genius to Become an Engineer?

Machines, devices, and structures are designed and built with the use of similar principles as engineers. This profession does not require geniuses in science or mathematics to be successful. However, engineers must be good at understanding the principles of math and science

What is the Average IQ to be a Software Engineer?

When it comes to professions, they differ in the average IQ level. For example, a software engineer must have an average of 130 IQ. So, if you have this IQ level, you can be an excellent candidate to become one.

I am Bad at Math. Can I Still Become an Engineer?

In most cases, engineers can find a job in their industry after graduating. On the other hand, a few graduate engineers who will work in the R&D environment must have a high math skill level. These engineers are usually very good at different branches of mathematics like algebra.

Is Engineering a Bad Career?

Engineering offers a lot of opportunities, from professional to personal growth. However, it is critical to remember that no career is perfect. Any career choice comes with downsides as well. Engineers commonly encounter the same issues with other careers, such as lack of advancement, unsocial working times, long commutes, or difficulties with the bosses. These things can be reasons for them to quit the job.

Can an Average Student Survive Engineering?

Many civil engineering students have reported that Engineering Drawing is the course’s hardest part. However, it is considered by several colleges across the world as one of the least stressful and easiest branches. Meanwhile, the course can be relatively light, and students can complete it by themselves.

Do You Need a High IQ to Become a Successful Engineer?

IQ scores are often used when predicting people’s academic success in school according to their behavior. Not only that, some research shows that people with high IQ are more likely to be successful at work. It is also associated with knowledge, creativity, and intelligence in a moderate manner.

I Want to be An Electrical Engineer. Is High IQ Necessary?

Electrical engineering needs lots of education, like other specialized fields. If you can think abstractly, you have the advantage of succeeding in this field. According to a study, an electrical engineer must have an average of 126 IQ. So, if you excel in science and mathematics, you have a better chance of enjoying a fulfilling career in this field. 


There you have it! Did you learn more things about engineering? Hopefully, this post answered all questions in your mind regarding IQ and engineers. This profession may require an average IQ level, but you can make some preparations if you plan to take this career path, like improving your understanding of math and science principles. You can also ask for tips from engineers on how you should handle the course and succeed in the future.