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How Can I Test My Memory? (Types of Memory tests)

I’m into it again. I could not find where I put my car keys. I could not see my eyeglasses which are the essential part of me to see everything. I have been struggling to look and search for the thing which I forgot where I put. Before, I can memorize my mobile phone number and even the phone numbers of my family. I begin to wonder if my memory is okay. How can I test my memory? Read on to know more.

I begin to search the browser to look for a memory test. And yes, I found many. Sad to say, only a few of them are free. I have to answer several questions to test my memory. I have to memorize the numbers given and the images shown to answer correctly.

According to different studies, there is nothing to worry about. As I get older, I realize that my memory decreases. Memory loss could be due to stress, lack of sleep, or the capacity to have many responsibilities. But being forgetful at all times is not a good sign. It may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Of course, we wouldn’t want to make it happen. So, it is much better to have an early test of our memory before a big problem arises. Keep on reading to know more.

What Is The Short And Long-Term Memory Test?

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I found out that there are two types of memory tests: short-term and long-term memory tests. I have shown different digits of a number in a short-term memory test, and I was asked to memorize them. After a few seconds, the numbers disappear, and I have to type the numbers that appear on the screen.

Long-term memory is different. As the name suggests, the long memory is the mind’s ability to store data for an extended period. To best describe the long-term memory, for example, I have a scheduled exam two weeks from now. I have to study now and retain all the information on my brain to answer the exams correctly and get a passing score. 

There are lots of short and long-term memory tests on the web. I have already tried one to check if my memory is still in good condition. Of course, I do not want to keep on forgetting where I put my belongings. It would be time-consuming for me to look for it when I needed those things.

What Is The Working Memory Test?

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I have not heard of it before, but there is a working memory test. In this test, I have to perform several tasks about letters, numbers, and items. There are different methods to undergo this test. What are these? 

The N-Back Test

In this test, I have to memorize series of numbers. Then I have to answer the questions on what number appears on the given sequence. 

Say, for example, the test shows me “27, 43, 95” and ask me, “What was the number 2 numbers ago?”. The answer would be 43. Then it will show a new number again, and I have to remember the first series of numbers, plus this new number. If if it showed me “10” and asked me about the two numbers again, the answer would be 95.

The Calculation Test

This test is a simple as if I am a walking calculator. Focus is what I need to pass this test.

In this test, I am given a few numbers. I have to memorize all the numbers and be ready for the operation that I need to calculate. Say, for example, the number given to me is “10, 28, 36”. The task is to figure out the answer if four are added to each number. The results will be “14, 32, 40.”

The Rotation Task Test

This test applies to those who have a visuo-spatial sketching activity. To perform this test, I must rotate objects in my mind. While some have difficulty dealing with objects to make them turn in memory others, have exceptionally gifted in doing so. This only shows that each of us is different in our ability to face various challenges.

To try and test my memory online for free, I go to Free Memory Test (5 Mins) – Short Term and Long Term to check the state of my memory. Are you interested to know more? Keep on reading.

Online Memory Test

Different websites offer free online memory tests. But some in-depth examination requires me to have a plan to take another test. Let us see some of the online memory tests I found on the web.

Short Term Online Memory Test by Mental Up:

The test is divided into four categories to identify which part of the brain needs mental exercise. 

Face Recognition

In this test, I have to memorize different photos of persons with their names. Then I have to choose the person’s correct name once the picture is shown on the screen. Too bad I did not score that much.

Remember the Numbers

The test will show me a three-digit number. I need to click on the “Ready to Go” icon once I memorize the number. The number will disappear on the screen, and then I have to click the number to match the given number before.

My Instruments

This test uses visual and verbal memory. I have to remember the names of the instruments and the sounds they make. Once all the musical instruments are flashed on the screen, ten questions will follow. At first, I have asked to name the instruments while flashing the photo of the devices. For the second part, I have to hear the instrument’s sounds and choose what instrument is making the sound.

Have I Seen It or Not?

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This is used to test visual recognition, attention, and memory skills. In this test, I have shown different picture cards to memorize. Once the flashcards are given, I have to click on the “have seen it icon” or “have not seen icon” if a new flashcard is shown. 

I enjoyed this short memory test, although I find it difficult to focus. I only think I am playing memory games and at the same time testing my memory.

Online Cognitive Assessment Battery for Memory (CAB-ME)

The primary tool to check the memory is the Cognitive Assessment Battery for Memory (CAB-ME) comprises multiple tests and situations that detect potential symptoms, characteristics, and cognitive process’ dysfunctions.

This test provides a comprehensive mental screening that allows people in understanding the human psychological weaknesses and strengths and evaluating the memory capacity’ decline risk level. The test is designed for individuals aged 7 and above. Professionals or not, this assessment is easy to manipulate for any user.

The test takes about 15 to 20 minutes and the results report becomes automatically available. Want to try this test? Check Online Cognitive Assessment Battery for Memory (CAB-ME) for additional information.

Are There Any Exercises/Games People Can Buy Or Find Online To Test Their Memory?

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As I began to search about memory exercises and games, I would like to share my findings. This is very interesting since I already try the games and it was so fun, and I enjoy it a lot.


Mentem trains the brain with its 24 spectacular games that let me enjoy and, at the same time, benefited my memory. Upon registration, the first seven days of the trial are free. After the free trial, I have the right to choose if I want to continue with the training program or not. 

The games are suitable for all ages. Likewise, patients that need to heal the brain after an injury can also try these games. It would be enjoyable for the whole family to play these mind exercises games and compare the scores after.

BrightFocus Foundation

Memory games are fun to play. I enjoy these games while strengthening my brain functions.  At BrightFocus, they did not recommend or endorse any particular nutritional or exercise regimes to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. They advise seeking professional help and determine whether this can contribute to good health and well-being.

Some of the games available that I want to try at Memory Games to Exercise Your Mind are the following: 

  • Picture Game
  • Match the Pictures
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Match the Words
  • Daily Sudoku

Disclaimer: The games at BrightFocus are not a test for Alzheimer’s disease.   

Memory Quiz

In this quiz, I have to answer the fifteen “True or False” questions truthfully the fifteen “True or False” questions. The overall “yes” counts are totaled to check for brain health. Five to eight scores for “True” answers mean that the brain is functioning just right. While nine to twelve scores correspond that the brain is in danger. Thirteen to fifteen scores need to consult a doctor immediately.

On this test, my score is only nine. I think I have to focus more. I also need to check my diet and do regular exercises to improve my brain. Thankfully it is not empty. Check out Memory Quiz to try and make sure to answer it truthfully.

Thank you , for reading!