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How Intelligent is Kim Jong-Un?

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is recognized among Western observers as one of the world’s most dangerous and unpredictable leaders, with a reputation for being unpredictable and erratic.

Despite a lack of any official competitive intelligence (CI) on the North Korean leader, the contrast between his public persona and reality, combined with his repeated public ICBM tests, suggest that he is at least somewhat intelligent, perhaps even exceptionally so.

In the following section, we will try to know a little bit more about Kim Jong-un, like his career and academic accomplishments, his hobbies, books, etc.

Who is Kim Jong-un?


Kim Jung Un was born on July 14th, 1942, in Pyongyang, North Korea. To understand Kim Jong-un, then it’s worth taking a moment to familiarize yourself with North Korea’s supreme leader. Kim Jong-un, whose official title is “Supreme Leader” of North Korea, is the third leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)—North Korea’s official name. He was actually born under the name of Kim Il-sung; however, he was given that name at birth by his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, the country’s founder. Since then, Kim Jong-un has assumed his nation’s official name.

IQ of supreme leader Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un has some of the highest IQs in the country. The North Korean leader, 26, has a 150 score on the IQ test and was ranked 12th on the list of most powerful world leaders. Kim is the most educated person in North Korea and met twice with President Barack Obama to discuss denuclearization. According to experts, he has the intelligence of a 20-year-old person but speaks like a 60-year-old person due to the language barrier.

Some may also say that Kim Jong-Un has an IQ of 160, which is higher than President Obama’s but lower than Albert Einstein’s IQ. North Korea’s despot leader Kim Jong-Un IQ is used for such skills as assassination, kidnapping, and nuclear bomb development.

When was he declared North Korea’s supreme leader?

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, assumed power as the country’s supreme leader in April 2011, following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il. The younger Kim then reportedly hit the road, touring the country and meeting with citizens, thereby consolidating power.

Is Kim Jong-un the smartest man in the world?

Some people believe Kim Jong Un is the smartest man in the world but is he? Short answer: no. However, the 38-year-old dictator has the skills to manipulate those around him, which makes him far more dangerous than most people suspect. He knows how to convince key members of his country that he, and not his enemies, has the smartest ideas, which means he can get away with murder.

Achievements of Kim Jong-un’s that you should know about.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, has accomplished an incredible amount in a very short amount of time. He has accomplished his goals of becoming the leader of North Korea, chairman of North Korea’s State Affairs Commission, and chairman of the National Defense Commission. Now, Kim Jong-un is serving as the Supreme Leader of North Korea and is still on the State Affairs Commission, National Defense Commission, and Supreme People’s Assembly.

Academic background of Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un graduated from a school in Switzerland that today teaches business executives how to lead. The Swiss International School in Zurich was Kim’s school of choice in the ’80s and ’90s. The secretive North Korean leader didn’t attend classes, however; instead, he studied abroad at Kim Il-sung University and Kim Il-sung Military Academy, according to North Korean state media.

Kim Jong-un’s hobbies 

Kim Jong-un, in spite of being a busy man, has a lot of hobbies. Some of it will shock you.

Since becoming the leader of North Korea, Kim has been busy building nuclear weapons, expanding North Korea’s ballistic missile program, and consolidating his power. This is why it was a surprise to many when it was reported that Kim Jong-un might have a “hobby,” and that hobby is soccer.

According to his official biography on Kim’s official website, Kim has been a fan of South Korean pop music since he was a teenager. He is said to be passionate about music and often watches Korean TV and movies for the sole purpose of hearing the songs. He has supported a number of South Korean singers over their 60-year history, including Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Kim Gun-mo (Cactus). 

He also listens to other K-pop artists and has even submitted his own song for “Comeback Season,” a radio show broadcast by the South Korean radio station SBS FM. Kim said that he has listened to various radio programs, including “Sunny FM” hosted by South Korean singer, actress, and model Seo Young-ah, “Saranghaeyo” (Musical Variety Show), “Infinite Challenge,” and “Hello Counselor.”

Kim Jong-un is reportedly a talented musician, according to multiple defectors. Most recently, photographs of the 37-year-old leader playing a traditional Korean instrument called an origin have emerged.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has a hobby: hunting for rare birds. Over the past few years, Kim has become a birder, attending bird-watching events with his fellow leaders.

Some of Kim Jong-un’s famous published books

 In February 2011, North Korean state media announced that Kim Jong Un had published his first book, called “Word of the Supreme Command,” in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s founder and first leader. 

The Korean Central News Agency said the book contained 38 chapters, the first of which was entitled “The Sharp Sword of Communism.” The North Korean constitution states that “the leader shall always be the supreme commander of the armed,” while Kim Il Sung was referred to as “the everlasting father of the invincible army of Korea.”

In 2017, North Korea’s leader Kim Jung-un published three volumes featuring his philosophy, ideas, and thoughts. The 250-page volumes include “The Sun” and “The Moon,” as well as “The Lantern,” which details the country’s future goals. The books are the first to be published in 10 years and were reportedly prepared by North Korea’s central publishing office.


In conclusion, Kim Jong-un is intelligent, but his intelligence may be somewhat hindered by his education and experiences. As of the moment, there are no measures in place to evaluate his overall intelligence. In Kim’s case, it’s clear that he lacks most social skills.