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How To Focus In A Noisy Environment?

Focus is essential to finish school, home, or work tasks on time. Some people find it hard to focus in a noisy environment. Studying or working in a noisy environment may reduce the productivity of an individual. Are you one of those who find it hard to focus in a noisy setting? If yes, this article will help you. I will reveal to you the tips to improve your focus despite a loud surrounding.        

With that, you can enhance your concentration and productivity with your essential tasks. 

Focusing in a noisy environment is possible. You can invest in noise-canceling headphones, listen to music, focusing on your assignments and not on the noise. It is also a good idea to choose easy tasks first if you’re in a noisy environment. You can plan your work and hold to strict deadlines.  

You can still be productive even you study or work in a noisy environment. There are lots of practical ways to double your productivity and improve your performance. It would help if you had the dedication and discipline to apply these tips. Do you want to improve your focus despite a noisy home, school, or office? Well, I suggest you read more to discover more interesting techniques for your focus needs.

Tips to focus in a noisy environment

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Use noise-cancelling headphones

A noise-canceling headphone can be a good investment if you work in a noisy surrounding. It can drown out the background noise; you can concentrate. 

Listen to music

Another way to increase your productivity in a loud environment is through listening to music. I assure you that you can feel focused while enjoying some music. You can prefer house music or classical music. 

Concentrate on your tasks, not on the noise 

Instead of focusing your attention on the noise, concentrate on your tasks. Keep in mind that your tasks are more important and need to be done as much as possible. Once you attained a deep concentration level, you can find that the noise fades away. 

Even though it is challenging to achieve this concentration level, you can try hard. However, it is easy to focus if you study or work on something you’re really interested in. 

Prioritize easy tasks first if you have a noisy background 

If you’re working, for example, in the office, you can do first the easy tasks. With this, you can achieve the task even if you’re a little bit distracted. 

Plan your work 

I also suggest you plan your work effectively, especially if you know that you will be working in a not so peaceful area. According to Bull & Beard CEO Robby Berthume, “I plan my schedule proactively, so I’m generally working on communication, new business and collaboration when I’m in noisier environments, and I schedule work sessions for more creative or strategic work when I’m in a quieter space.” 

Like him, you can also plan on finishing your tasks in the best possible way regardless of the distractions. 

Remind yourself about the strict deadlines 

If you wish to have a laser focus, remind yourself about the strict deadlines of your tasks. You must think that your work needs to be finished as soon as possible. There’s no time for procrastination since you need to meet the timeline and high expectations of a client. 

Tune out some distractions 

You can be tempted to tune in to the conversations and noises around you. However, it can reduce your productivity and affect your performance. With that, you need to tune out these distractions in the workplace. One technique to tune out the noise is through listening to inspiring words or relaxing music.

Practice meditation while in a noisy setting 

If you learn how to meditate in a noisy background, you can also hone your concentration skills. If you practice meditating despite distractions, you can be prepared to work effectively in a noisy office. 

Blocking Out Noise Mentally to Improve your Focus

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I know that you want to increase your focus to perform at your best in work. The following are some ways to block out noise mentally.

Create a single-pointed centralization 

This technique may help you hone your concentration in a noisy workplace. You can make single-pointed centralization. You can give your full attention to a single object like a book or candle and focus on your happy thoughts about it.

Avoid focusing on the distracting noise. This method can help you to work with laser focus when you’re in a busy workplace. 

Learn to meditate 

If you know how to meditate, you can attain tranquility and peace of mind. Meditation is an excellent way of clearing your mind. It is also a good idea to do breathing exercises. With concentration and practice, you can meditate for a longer time. 

You can also learn to meditate in a noisy place. As you master it, you can improve focus and productivity while in a loud place.

Ensure that you’re not thirsty or hungry 

If you’re hungry or thirsty, you will also find it hard to concentrate on your work. Additionally, it can make you more vulnerable to stimuli and noise. Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating junk foods because it is said to reduce attention span because of their high sodium content. 

Concentrate on positive thoughts

You can concentrate on positive thoughts and what makes you happy. It can be a form of spiritual practice. Once you mastered this method, you can apply it at work to enhance your productivity. 

There we go, so that are some ways of blocking out noise mentally. 

Do you want to work fast and effectively in your office? Then, you can try the following ideas to enhance your focus in a noisy workplace. 

Solutions to Reduce Office Noise 

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Dedicated tranquil space 

One way to increase your focus at work is to have a dedicated quiet space. You can prefer a soundproof room.

Noise-friendly flooring 

Hard flooring like tiles, hardwood, ceramic, or porcelain can cause noise pollution since the sound reflects on it. One solution to reduce noise is the installation of noise-friendly flooring. Noise can be reduced by using vinyl flooring and carpets. 

Installation of sound-friendly furniture

You can use furniture that is made from cloth and other sound-absorbing material to reduce unwanted noise. These include lounges, sofas, couches, and cabinets. 

Change the layout of the office 

It is also helpful to change the layout of the office. You can reorganize the machinery and desks to control and reduce noise. 

Partition cubicles 

Among the best ways to improve the concentration of workers in the office is through partition cubicles. With this, the workers can work effectively and quietly. 

Enhance the insulation in your office 

Sound insulation can also help to lower unwanted noise. 

Use plants 

You can place plants in the corners of the office where the sound may echo. Plants can reduce the noise, so you can focus more on finishing your tasks on time. In addition, the plants can also add aesthetic beauty to the workplace. 

Acoustic panels 

It is also helpful to install acoustic panels to lower the noise in the working area. These panels come in different shapes and sizes. 

By applying these tips, you can reduce noise in the workplace.

How Can Noise Affect Your Focus? 

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Focus has a significant role in completing your tasks. Meanwhile, it can be challenging to perform your tasks effectively if you work in a loud environment. Noise exposure is a problem for both non-occupational and occupational settings.

Noise is also an aspect that can impact the safety of the workplace. People who work with essential occupational responsibilities need high levels of cognitive abilities. They also need to keep effective performance despite distractions. 

According to studies, noise can lead to oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in the brain. Furthermore, noise pollution is also considered a risk factor for neurodegenerative disorders and depression. 

It was also observed that noise exposure could affect the central nervous system, leading to anxiety, emotional stress, memory, and cognitive defects. Noise can influence performance by causing changes to strategic responses or information processing impairment. 

On the other hand, some studies revealed that noise could also enhance performance among sleep-deprived workers because of increased arousal. 

Based on the study of Gawron about the effects of noise on cognitive performance, in 58 studies, about seven reported has a positive effect, 29 reported has a negative impact, and 22 reported does not affect cognitive performance. In other words, noise can cause changes in attention or performance functions. 


To sum it up, it is possible to improve your focus and stay productive in a noisy environment. It would be best if you had dedication and discipline to perform your tasks effectively despite your distractions. 

By applying the tips I mentioned above, I hope that you can enhance your focus and increase your productivity while in a room with lots of noise and distractions. Are you ready to maximize your focus in your workplace? Try my tips now!