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How To Not Lose Concentration For Long Periods Of Time

There are times in my life I find it hard to keep on track of things I do. Most of the time, I lose my concentration, easily distracted, and can’t even focus at all, even in serious times. Well, I guess it’s not just me who has undergone this situation. It is not just me who just ended up doing the work without knowing if it is right or wrong. Yet, I had done ways to resolve this problem. And upon all the measures I had done, what had helped me focus even a bit?

Keeping on track is challenging, especially for those individuals who have difficulty having concentration. Well, with so much distraction from around us, from technologies to types of noises, it is no doubt that we face hindrances. Yes, that is it, distractions. We all are triggered by most things we find as a distraction. Instead of having focused on a specific task, I end up disturbed and lose my focus. 

This problem seems pretty simple and not a big deal. But for some who are already stressed out, like me, this is something that must be considered. Luckily, some things helped me have focus when doing something at the same time. Let’s discover what I do to overcome this problem and how I have done it.

TIPS: How To Not Lose Concentration For Long Periods Of Time?

I have been experiencing difficulty focusing. It somehow makes me annoyed to be easily distracted even on the tiniest things. Yet upon understanding, it comes to my mind factors that needed to be considered and the key steps that I could take to resolve this issue. Here are some of the ways on the list

1. Stay away from distractions

One thing that hinders me from totally hooked on things I do is distractions. Distractions are the main reason why it is hard for us to accomplish things that are needed to be done in due time. If you are distracted, 50% of your focus is gone, and it will continue to become less while your concentration is consistently vanished because of those distractions.

To learn more about how age matters when it comes to concentration, visit the link here. 

Beyond the knowledge I have, it is always the distractions that come after. By then, I always bear in mind that I must keep them away and remember that there is something more important to be done.

Moreover, according to Steve Jobs, focusing is about saying NO.” In short, if you want a thing to be done, you must learn how to say no. Saying no does not mean that you don’t want to. It is just that there is something more essential for you to do and I agree with it.

Above all, here are the things that I do to keep distractions away are the following:

  1. I tend to move to a more quiet place.
  2. Put away phones and other things that promote distractions.
  3. Shut my room door.
  4. Inform my family members not to disturb me.

2. Consider possible factors

Have you ever wondered why you become less focused as time goes by? Well, age has something to do with it, and I agree with this. According to studies, people tend to have lesser focus as they age. Memory loss is the most common experience as we get older. It also contributes to focus deprivation. That is why I possibly need to do other extra activities to enhance that memory of mine.

3. Training my mind

As stated in the second part, extra activities that train the mind enhances the focus. To support that statement, there are things I do to train my memory, at the comfort of my home and without needing so many things and much time-Games. Before you I do the task, I play mind-fueled games to enhance my focus. Sudoku, chess, puzzles, and other memory games are some of the best options I have. Aside from the fact that it helps in enhancing my memory, it also makes me relaxed, which is beneficial before doing my whole tasks. 

For me, the best game to do is a crossword. Aside from learning words, it could help the brain to process more, giving that sense of alertness upon searching words.

4. Catch up with your sleep

Having enough sleep could improve the function of the mind. Enough sleeps conditions the mind, which gives you better mental function. I as well consider this important. Giving my mind enough time to cope up to rest and having the right sleep pattern, I could see that it improves my mind’s status.

According to a study made by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, having enough sleep helps us learn new informations; likewise, it helps us have that concentration than those who are deprived of sleep. Thus, to improve your mind more, you must have a specific time of sleep pattern to be followed. 

For those who have troubles sleeping like me, here are some tips that you can do:

  1. Set a time to sleep.
  2. Stay away from gadgets an hour before sleeping.
  3. Keep your room free from any noise.
  4. To stimulate your sleep, listen to calming music before sleeping.
  5. Turn off any lights that could trigger you from opening your eyes.

5. Listening to music

While doing the task, I find it easier to stay focus when I listen to music. Aside from it keeps me away from feeling bored, it boosts my confidence to continue doing the task. I choose the music that calms the mind and not distracting. Music such as instrumental or even the soothing sound of piano and nature is the most common music type. 

Yet did you know that it is important not to choose the music you like and you don’t as well? It is because both can distract you in the run. When you listen to the song you like, you’ll end up catching with it, and if you listen to the song you don’t like, you will feel not encouraged at all. So, listening to music without a specific genre will do.

6. Taking a rest

I tend to have a break when I already feel fatigued during the run. I always find time to give my mind enough time to cope up and rest. Giving myself a moment of relaxation is good to promote a refresh so that I will not be burned out. 

Moreover, rest is important not only to gain better focus but also helps you efficiently and effectively produce a better outcome for the task. A better rest supports a fresher mind. 

7. Having a cup of caffeine

Sipping on a cup of coffee or tea while having a work helps me concentrate. I tend to become more focused when I smell coffee, and while having a sip on it, I feel like I become more aware, away from feeling bored.

Did you know that matcha, one of the renowned flavors of drinks and desserts today is a good ingredient to maintain your focus? Its amino acid could help the cognitive function to work properly, keeping your concentration on track.

Besides, if you aren’t a fan of coffee or other caffeine-infused products, you can have a cup of dark chocolate as well. At least 70% of it will do. 

Yet remember not to drink too much as it will either make you feel anxious or nervous. You should not drink caffeine-induced products after lunch as a study shows that drinking coffee after lunch could make your sleep disrupted as it will wear off for at least 6 to 8 hours after. That is why you should be very careful about drinking.

8. Set a specific goal

I have more courage to accomplish a task when I see a deadline. Having a specific goal encourages a person to do it. In this case, when I see the time is running, my mind keeps on running with it, thinking nothing but to reach the goal. 

In short, setting a specific goal will encourage you to work harder and better. You can also reward yourself, and that is what will keep you running even though distractions linger around you. You will not be bothered as your eyes and minds are on set for that reward.

You might ask, should I do all of this to have a better concentration? Well, even one will do. Choose the one that you think has a total effect on you. And if there is nothing that suits you here, you could still discover other ways to cope up with your focus. You can try to do things based on what you needed, and you can also help others who have the same problem as you.


To wrap things up, it is true that it is somehow hard to focus in various situations. We face a different environment that triggers our concentration to lose. I have encountered those numerous times, and all I can say by now is that it depends on how you will handle the situation. 

A famous quote from Sakyong Mipham says that: 

“Many of us are slaves to our own mind. Our own mind is our worst enemy. We try to focus, and our minds wander off. We try to keep stress at bay, but anxiety keeps us awake at night”. 

It just simply states that the world is full of unending distractions. It will all depend on whether your give in or not. The answer lies within you. If you are disturbed, you lose, but if you managed to overcome, then you succeeded.

Moreover, I believe that the following steps you could do could either benefit or be a disadvantage to you. Be it a little step or not, to better know if it is the right thing you could do is that you need to try it. I, too, have done this, and the fact that it benefits me a lot is enough to say that this got help. This gave me the ability to concentrate for a long period, up until I finished the specific task.