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Hobbies That Can Boost your Intelligence Quotient

Intelligence is an attractive characteristic of a person. If a person shows his or her intelligence in one way or another, surely, someone will surely be attracted and will admire it. However, few people face the dilemma of believing that they are not as intelligent as the others were. Mostly, these people are students who face pressure in academics.

If, for that matter, allow me to present you with some ideas that may probably help you in your current dilemma. Here, I recommend some worth-the-time hobbies that can surely help you in boosting your Intelligence Quotient.

Learning new instrument makes you use both parts of your brain hemisphere

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Perhaps you have some musical instruments that are now just placed in the corner of your house, covered with dust, and are completely alone, for no one is touching it. It should be the time for you to hold it, press some buttons, strum the strings, or start playing on with a lively beat. Learning a musical instrument is one of the proven and recommended hobbies that can boost our IQ. Once you start playing with the instrument and learn how to harmonize your playing to the right notes and melody, you are making a better version of yourself that is much more intelligent than before. It helps your cognitive memory because you will be training yourself to memorize the right pattern of playing the musical instruments, learn the right key of sound by just listening, and understand the worth of each note you are playing. Similarly, it also helps your muscle memory. Learning a new instrument will make you use both parts of your brain, the left, and right hemisphere, forcing it to work twice the usual, thus improving your memory capacity.

Knitting Decreases the Chances of Memory Loss

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Being creative is a form of intelligence. Crafting is no longer a form of past-time hobby that is for the elders. Now, it is also a form in which it can help you boost your IQ. Studies show that knitting and other related crafting hobbies help a person create maintained neural pathways and make a pretty impressive sharp mind. Similarly, knitting also helps relieve stress because it is a relaxing way of activating your creative channels. By relaxation, it would also help you reduce migraine attacks, heart failures due to fatigue, and early memory loss. Now how does knitting enables you to boost your IQ? Aside from that, it releases a creative channel; the repetition is done in the skill of knitting is relevant to create healthy synapses, leading to your improved ability to learn new knowledge.

Regular Exercises Improves Thinking

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Are you exercising because of the reason that you want to improve your physical body? If not, go grab your body up and start moving it for an exercise. However, if you have been doing exercises already, do you not know that it does not just help our physical body, but also our mental and thinking capacity? Exercises, such as regular aerobic exercise, help you boost your mood and may even prevent episodes of depression. Aside from that, moving our body into healthy exercises may help us develop the size of our hippocampus—a part of our brain in charge of verbal memory and learning. Another important factor why exercise helps boost our IQ is that it helps us lighten our mood, gives ease of sleep, and reduces our stress and anxiety.

Reading is not just scanning sets of letters; it is a portal to our imagination

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Walt Disney has made a remarkable quote that everyone may perhaps agree: “There is more treasure in books than in all pirate’s loot on treasure’s island.”

Indeed, in reading various forms of books, a lot of treasures could be found. It was hardly hidden, unlike physical treasures, but once you read, a treasure that will enhance our mind will be just unlocked on its own. Reading is a concrete bridge that will help us access our minds. As we continue accessing our intellectual capacity, we consciously or unconsciously train ourselves to improve our memory and concentration.

Evidently, a reader of a book also helps reduce their levels of stress once they have accessed the book they are reading. Reducing stress would now then help one person to restrict age-related cognitive decline. If you are not familiar with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, other classic novels, Stephen King’s ‘It,’ and other modern novels, then it is time for you to grab your purse and go to a bookstore for a majestic book galore.

Breathe in, breath out. Meditate.

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Find a perfect place. It must be of a serene and calm environment. Sit comfortably, relax, and then start to understand the power of meditation.

Why can meditation help us in boosting our Intelligence Quotient? A person could have an elaborated sense of awareness and focus through meditation; just like in other Hobbies that can boost our IQ, meditation targets our brain’s focus, leading to enhancement of our brain capacity. It also manages our anxiety, lifts up our blue mood, and improves memory and attention span. It does not just help our mental state but also our physical health. There are a lot of doctors and other noteworthy persons who suggest that in doing meditation, there are a lot of healing effects it can contribute. Examples are an alternative to anti-depressants and medications for blood pressure.

There are a lot of meditation techniques you can use to boost your Intelligence Quotient. If, by chance, you are still confused about what techniques you should be using, scroll over through the internet, find videos worth watching, and start unleashing your inner chakras by doing focused breathing exercises.

This list is just a few of the recommended hobbies that can boost your IQ capacity. It depends on you what things or hobbies you would want to try to help yourself have a healthier mental and intelligence state. What is important is that you should find yourself a hobby that would make you both enjoy and productive.