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Tips For Listening To Audio Books (Remember What You Have Listened!)

Audiobooks are a great alternative to old-fashioned reading. You can listen to it anytime and anywhere you are. Listening to audiobooks can help you gain knowledge. It can also provide entertainment. Do you want to remember what you have heard? Don’t worry because I can help you with this matter. I will give you some tips for listening to audiobooks.

Generally, there are many ways to remember what you have listened to. Some tips to remember with what you have to listen must include starting with something easy, listening as you do something mindless, speeding it up a bit, and more.

Do you want to level up your audiobooks listening experience? If yes, I suggest you read more. I will give you more ideas to remember what you have heard from your favorite audiobooks.

Start with something easy 

Keep in mind that audiobook listening is a skill. If it’s your first time listening to an audiobook, you can start with something easy. You can test your listening skills by beginning to listen to an easy audiobook. With that, you can also avoid being bored. 

Listen as you do something mindless

Listening to an audiobook while sitting down can make you feel restless. With that, I suggest you listen to an audiobook while doing something mindless. For example, you can listen to it while doing the dishes, going for a run, and folding laundry. You can do your chores while having something delightful to hear.

Choose a short audiobook 

Another audiobook listening tip is to choose a short one. You can avoid boredom and be intimidated if the audiobook is 17 hours long. Select a shorter audiobook. With that, you can finish it and remember the ideas you have listened to. 

Speed it up a bit 

Some do struggle in listening to audiobooks since it is quite slow. With this, I advise you to listen to it at double speed or 1.5 based on the narrator. You can listen to a more conversational pace than a ‘put me to sleep’ pace in this tip. 

Prefer a good narrator

You should remember that the narrator of the audiobooks also matters. If you don’t like how the narrator delivers the ideas on the audiobook, you can pick something different. Listen to a narrator you love to listen to. 

Use headphones 

I also suggest you use headphones when listening to an audiobook. If you find it hard to focus listening to an audiobook, headphones can help you. It can eliminate the distractions around you. With it, you can focus on what you’re listening to and understand its message. You can listen to the audiobook without the unwanted noises that may annoy you.

Adjust it slower or faster

In my experience, I have realized that you can play with the speed of the audiobook. You can adjust it slower or faster based on your convenience. Choose a comfortable pace as you listen. So, you can easily absorb the ideas of the audiobook.

Listen to non-fiction 

Audiobooks come in fiction and non-fiction types. If you want to retain what you have listened to, you can prefer non-fiction. Listening to non-fiction books can be the best method to ease your audiobook world. In addition, you can learn essential lessons you can apply in your daily life. For example, you can listen to podcasts and motivational audiobooks. 

You can listen to non-fiction audiobooks about history, sports, parenting, social issues, and more. Non-fiction audiobooks are accessible and easy to retain on your brain compared to fiction.

Write a three-sentence summary 

Another effective way to remember what you have listened to from audiobooks is to write a three-sentence summary. In reading, making a summary is beneficial to remember the main ideas of the audiobook. 

Use the pause button 

Like what I’ve experienced, you can also use the pause button in your audiobook. With this technique, you can allow your brain to catch up on what you have heard. You should give yourself a break as you listen to an audiobook. So, you can prevent being overwhelmed or bored while listening. If you’re new to listening to audiobooks, don’t hesitate to use the pause button. 

Set your listening goal 

It is also necessary to set your listening goal to remember what you’ve heard. You should have a goal to listen to an audiobook. Make sure that you’re in the mood to listen to an audiobook. However, your listening goal should be realistic to achieve a rewarding listening experience. 

You can listen to audiobooks based on your learning capacity. You can work on your goal over time until you improve your comprehension and listening skills. 

Make sure you love what you’re listening 

Like in reading books, it is important that you love listening to audiobooks. With that, you can have the ability to finish an audiobook regardless of how long it is. If you’re new to listening to audiobooks, ask yourself if you’re willing to finish 7 hours or longer audiobooks. Do you have enough time to listen to an audiobook? 

Now that you have learned the best tips in retaining the things you have listened from the audiobook, you can now enjoy the most of your listening habits. More importantly, you can also have the chance to learn important ideas and lessons that can help you improve your life. 

For example, listening to motivational and inspirational audiobooks can give you some tips to keep moving ahead in your life. Aside from enjoying listening, you can also get ideas you can apply to change your life for the better. 


To sum it up, listening to audiobooks can be a fun and entertaining hobby. Meanwhile, to make the best of your listening experience, you should remember what you have listened. You can consider the tips I mentioned above to help you retain what you’ve heard from your favorite audiobooks. 

Do you want to learn helpful ideas from audiobooks? Then, you can apply the techniques in this article. With that, you can have a delightful listening experience.