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Top 8 College Majors With the Highest Average IQs

The IQ or Intelligence Quotient is measured to identify the reasoning ability of a certain individual. A person may be able to identify his or her IQ by means of taking standardized tests or programs to measure their intelligence as a human. In school, a student may measure its IQ so that they will be assessed to their academic needs and performance. Their IQ scores greatly speak about their intelligence. 

But does the student’s IQ correlate with their college career preferences? 

In this article, I will reveal to you what the top eight college majors with the highest average IQs are and see for yourself whether your preferred college major fits your own IQ scores. 

Brace yourselves, for according to the experts of Educational Testing Services, here are the top eight college majors with the highest average IQs: 

Physics and Astronomy

Like the famous Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and Nicolaus Copernicus, the college major with the highest average IQ are the students from Physics and Astronomy. This college major has dominated every college discipline known. Everyone would perhaps agree that this college major is one of the most difficult disciplines, providing that what they study includes electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, and they also study the complexity of celestial bodies such as the planets, stars, and galaxies. Ask yourself if you prefer to be part of the group of students with a high Intelligence quotient who took their interest in the field of Physics and Astronomy. If you think you can, take note that the average IQ score of the students from this discipline is 133 points. 

Mathematical Sciences

Following Physics and Astronomy, and is on the second spot of the college major with the highest average IQ is mathematical sciences. It is the home discipline of one of the world’s greatest living mathematicians, Terrence Tao. Brief Interesting background about Tao: he is a math and physics teacher in secondary schools in Hong Kong. Currently, he has authored and co-authored a whopping three hundred research papers already. In the field of mathematical science, this includes areas of study in computer science, quantitative biology, and continuum mechanics. If ever you are curious, this college discipline has an average of 130 IQ points. 


The famous quotes “the unexamined life is not worth living” by Socrates and “I think; therefore I am (Cogito, ergo sum)” by René Descartes are probably more than familiar and have been analyzed by college majors of Philosophy. More than that, Philosophy majors are trained to become familiar with respected thinkers and are developed to be critical thinkers, think deeper than what is on the surface, and engage in arguments with ethical and moral reasoning carried on the bag of their thoughts. The average IQ score of students from this college discipline is 129.

Materials Engineering

Followed by the college course of critical thinkers and reasoning is the discipline of Engineering. You may be wondering what Materials Engineers do. They are wittingly creating, developing, and making tests of different and varied ranges of products. If you are someone who looks for a job with an ideal median salary of forty-five dollars per hour, then being a materials engineer may fit the standard. The students in the college course of Materials Engineering have an average IQ of 129 points. 


Economics is next on the list of the college majors with the highest average Intelligence Quotient points. The majors from this field are expected to understand the state of the national economy and the possible effects of one factor or happenings inside the national state. Like other courses, the course of economics trains the learners to become critical thinkers, build solid communication skills, reflect on data,  and become proficient in dealing with computer technology. The average IQ point of economics majors is 128. 

Chemical Engineering and other Engineering

Earlier, a branch of engineering has already been introduced as one of the college majors with the highest average IQs – a little point that is lesser than Materials Engineering in Chemical Engineering. In this course, the students are trained to be masters of chemistry, biology, physics, and a few points in mathematics in which they would apply it as their base knowledge to create products involving drugs, food, fuel, and many more. As the statistics recorded, the average IQ point of Chemical Engineering majors is 128. 

Also, same with Chemical Engineering, other Engineering major has the same IQ points as the first mentioned. Among examples of these other engineering courses includes Aeronautical, Agricultural, Biomedical, and Environmental Engineering. 

Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering

It seems that Engineering courses have dominated the list of college majors with the highest average IQs. The fact that Engineering courses require various skills and competencies in different areas may justify why most Engineering disciplines are included in the list. The seventh spot of this list is an inclusion of three fields, which are Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. All three have an average of 126 IQ points, which is only a few points lesser than other Engineering courses. Let me give you a brief viewpoint about engineering: scientists and inventors are the ones who can discover various ideas that can make everyday life easier. Moreover, the job of an engineer is to apply those ideas to the projects and creations they have in the real world. 

Banking and Finance

The last on the top-tier spot of college majors with the highest average IQs is Banking and Finance. Perhaps, it is not surprising because the majors in this discipline explore the realm of the fast-paced flow of money. It develops the students to be proficient in exploring shares, credits, investments, etc. The average IQ point of this discipline, as statistics say, is 125.

It is important to note that this ranking does not deliver a message that those majors who do not belong to the list are home to students who is lesser intelligent than the others. The averages of the IQ points are categorized into three: 120-140 points are categorized as ‘very superior intelligence,’ 110-119 as ‘superior intelligence,’ and 90-109 points as normal or average intelligence. You don’t have to fear or be discouraged that your preferred discipline does not belong in the above list because none fell below-average intelligence in every college course that is known.