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What is Jordan Peterson’s IQ? (With Interesting Facts!)

Jordan Peterson’s IQ is above 150, which is considered extraordinary and a record-breaking score, but his cognitive profile is heavily tilted towards the verbal subset, and his other subsets are average to above average. Therefore, his high IQ score does not necessarily guarantee that he will achieve great accomplishments like Einstein or Hawking.

Years ago, Jordan Peterson, a renowned professor and author of Canada, scored high on an IQ test- which is considered a perfect score. The results were published in various journals and online. He is one of the people ever to obtain a high score on which specific test.

So, the question is, does his high score mean he will go on to carry out great and amazing things like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking- two of the most outstanding scientist in the world? Maybe yes, but maybe not. If you want to know more about Jordan’s Peterson IQ, continue reading.

What is Jordan Peterson’s IQ?

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Jordan stated that his IQ is more than 150, which is considered extraordinary and a record-breaking score. He did study intelligence quotient at one point, so one would think that he would have submitted to an assessment himself, but we don’t remember him actually saying that.

Jordan has skipped ahead a grade at elementary school and is a superbly fast reader; as an adolescent, Jordan was reading books above his age range in one sitting. It seems apparent or obvious that he has an uneven cognitive profile tilted heavily toward the Verbal subset. Jordan also commented his Quantitative subset rate was much more modest, in the seventeenth and seventy-fifth percentile, around that number. He also commented that he is not good at visualizing; therefore, his Spatial IQ is perhaps as modest if not even lower than his score in Quantitative. 

If his average score is 150, it shows his verbal subset rating could be 160 or higher, which is relatively seldom and rare, in the region of 1 in 32,000 marks. Therefore, he is very smart with regard to abstract concepts as well as language reasoning; however, at the same time, he almost definitely would not have made the score as a professor in mathematics and would have resisted rising above average as an engineer. Jordan would have perhaps had a noticeably diverse style in learning to his friends. In short, he is technical brilliance in one of the subsets of intelligence quotient, however average to above average. 

What is IQ or Intelligence Quotient?

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IQ means intelligence quotient. The intelligence quotient test is a tool to measure the intellectual potential and abilities of a person. This is made to reflect an extensive array of cognitive skills, logic, reasoning, and problem solving.

An IQ test is a test of an individual’s intelligence, something a person is born mainly with. It is not an assessment of knowledge that signifies what you learn in education as well as life experience. To determine your intelligence quotient, you need to take a standard evaluation in the presence of a well-trained expert. The intelligence quotient test you find in various portals online may be entertaining; however, the results are not valid.

So, it is vital to know that your score on the IQ test does not exist in isolation. Actually, the number represents how your results compare to others. One hundred sixteen or more is regarded as average, while a 130 score or higher signals a high IQ. Membership in Mensa, the High IQ society, takes account of those who score in the top two percent that is normally 132 or more than. Now that you are aware of the IQ test let’s move forward to the person who have a higher IQ; Jordan Peterson. 

Who is Jordan Peterson? 

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Born on the 12th of June, 1962, Jordan Bernt Peterson, his full name, is a professor in Canada. He is also an author and a renowned YouTube personality of influencers. As a professor, he teaches clinical psychologists and psychology. He started to receive widespread attention in the last quarter of 2010 for his viewpoints on political and cultural issues, often depicted as conservative. 

Jordan was born and grew up in Alberta and finished his bachelor’s degrees in psychology and political science at the University of Alberta. He obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from McGill University. In the year 1998, he goes back to Canada after teaching as well as researching at Harvard University to adhere to the psychology faculty at the University of Toronto. Jordan published his first book in the year 1999 entitled Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief which became the basis for a lot of his successive lectures. His book combined information from mythology, psychology, literature, religion, philosophy as well as neuroscience to examine and study systems of meaning and belief. 

In the year 2016, he released a series of videos on YouTube censuring and condemning Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code or Bill C-16, which is passed by the Parliament of Canada to present gender expression and gender identity as forbidden grounds for discrimination. Jordan argued that this law would make the use of specific gender pronouns into compelled language and associated this argument with a broad critique of identity politics and political correctness. Jordan subsequently goes through considerable media coverage, which attracts both criticism and support. 

Afterward, his conversations and lectures- propagated particularly on YouTube and podcasts- slowly gathered millions of subscribers and views. Jordan put his teaching duties and clinical practice on hold by the year 2018 when he issued his second book entitled 12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Marketed with a world tour, this book became a bestseller in many countries all over the world. All through 2019 and 2020, his work was hindered by health issues as the result of a serious benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome. He issues his third book in year 2021, entitled Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, and goes back to active podcasting. 

What Jordan Peterson Do to Boost His IQ?

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There are many speculations the come up online about some of the reasons why he got a high score on IQ tests. Some of these are obtained during his interviews. So, here are some possible reasons why he obtained an incredible IQ test result. 

Relational Talents and Capabilities

Relational Frame Theory recounts the growth of human cognition as well as language via relational association. The research conducted in 2011 has revealed that this theory as an invention can considerably boost IQ scores.

More current research utilizing this intervention also discovered developments in intelligence quotient, numeric reasoning as well as verbal reasoning. An activity that Jordan’s involved in during his younger years and considered one of the factors of having a high IQ includes reading language learning books. 

Often Reading 

There is no denying how advantageous books are in the development of human cognition. As a matter of fact, the perks on development are more pronounced if books became part of bonding activities. Research shows that Jordan loves to read a book on different topics during his adolescent period. In an interview with Jordan, he stated that he could read two or more books in just one sitting. He is a fast reader, and maybe this is one of the reasons why he has a high IQ. 

Continued Learning or Education

No doubt in any type, education is vital for the development of our intelligence. In a study on IQ and education, more than 600 000 participants were studied to find out the result of learning on IQ levels. The experts discovered that for each extra year of formal learning, participants experienced a considerable boost of one to five IQ points. Jordan finished his bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science from the University of Alberta. Then he studied at McGill University obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology. In the year 1998, he goes back to Canada after teaching as well as researching at Harvard University to adhere to the psychology faculty at the University of Toronto.

Memory activities

A lot of activities can assist in improving not just memory but also reasoning as well as language skills. As a matter of fact, memory games are utilized in research to how memory narrates to language as well as to object knowledge. 

Language and reasoning are both utilized as a measurement of intelligence, meaning memory activities can keep on developing intelligence. According to research, some of the activities which help Jordan improve his IQ include playing jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles when he was young. 

Other Factors Beyond His Amazing IQ Test Score

IQ was developed as a type of shorthand to know how intelligent an individual was. Therefore, let us go past the label and the ostensible reason to the deeper question about Jordan’s education and his level of IQ. Jordan is an academic, and there is no doubt about it. He has gone in the academic course to learn up through Ph.D. as well as post-graduate job and taught at one of the leading and popular universities in the US and all over the world Harvard University. He also taught at the University of Toronto.

It is safe to assume that the intellectual powers of Jordan Peterson are at the highest end of the spectrum. What is more, Jordan has also mastered literature in his area (he makes suggestions for books on specific matters) written an academic book refining his learning and experiences. Aside from this, he also posted a series of podcasts as well as videos on YouTube wherein he elegantly shows his conclusions.

Jordan is indeed extraordinarily smart and is capable of using his intelligence and mental power efficiently. More prominently, his learning, as well as teaching, surpasses intellect into deeper parts of the mind.


There is no doubt that Jordan Peterson is one of the smartest people living with such a high IQ score. However, it is not the basis of how good you are as a person. That is a thing each one of us must remember always.