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What is Neuralink and what Problems they are trying to solve

The ambitious project of Elon Musk in connecting our brain to the online world to assist control machines is at the stage of being released for commercial application. More highly known as Neuralink, the company disclosed updated information a few months ago that provided us an insight on what to look forward to the technology to roll out. 

What Neuralink Intends to Solve?

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Neuralink plans to develop Link further to assist human beings suffering from neurological disabilities and disorders. It is used to bring back physical mobility. The fully implantable BMI or brain-machine interface to help people with paralysis utilizes their brains to control machines and devices as well as the limbs in the future. Let’s get to know more about Neuralink. 

What Is Exactly a Neuralink?


Neuralink is an apparatus that will be implanted surgically into the brain, and through it, you can communicate and control the machines. 

This apparatus can also assist in learning the electrical signals in your brain and coming up with a solution that can assist in treating different medical issues. 

Neuralink chipset known as N1 chipset measuring 88mm in diameter with many cables housing electrodes as well as insulation for the cables will be installed in the skull.  These small cables will be surgically put in the brain with the use of a robot. According to the company, the cable is as thick as the neurons found in the brain but thinners than the hair strand at 100 micrometers. 

Nueuralink president Max Hodak says that one is allowed to put many devices to target different parts of the brain.

How does Neuralink Works?

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Maybe you are familiar with the blockbuster sci-fi movie The Matrix. Do you still recall the scene where Keanu Reeves learns self-defense simply by loading a program into his brain?  The same concept is used with Neuralink. 

Even if the apparatus may not be able to train you in self-defense, however, it can send and receive electrical signs via the brain to control and connect with machines. At this point, the company has commented that you can control basic devices such as mobile phones, computers as well as type with the use of thoughts. 

To know how this technology works, first, you must know that our brain sends information to various portions of our body with the use of neurons. The neurons in our brain link with each other to make a big network and communicate with the use of chemical signals, also known as a neurotransmitter. The reactions produce an electrical field, and you are able to record the reactions by putting electrodes nearby. 

N1 chip’s main objective is to record as well as stimulate electrical spikes in the brain. You can learn diverse skills with the use of the dedicated app. 

How is this Device Be Installed? 

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According to Ellon Musk, the procedure is complicated and beyond the abilities of even the seasoned and expert human hands.  That is why they will be utilizing a specially made robot to do the precise and quick insertion of the chip into the brain’s cortex. It works according to the rules of the health ministry while doing the operation to guarantee it is secure and safe. 

The robot will put the module into the brain with the use of needles and a microscope. The needles are like the size of the microns and relatively which you cannot easily spot with your naked eye. According to the company, there can be thousands of electrodes put into your brain. 

The neuralink robot has been made to make sure the apparatus is planted into your brain without touching or damaging any arteries or veins. Each electrode will be put in, bypassing any form of a blood vessel. 

The surgery or operation will need a 2mm incision that will be widened up to 8mm. After the surgery is done, the bare part of your skull will be covered using the chipset module. The whole process can take up to 120 minutes, and the person will be under anesthesia. 

What is the Main Application of Neuralink? 

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According to the company, the initial stage of the project will concentrate on assisting the healthcare business/industry. The device can assist paraplegics with a simple task like using a phone or interacting with computers. It might also be utilized in treating epilepsy. 

In one interview with the owner, he commented that the apparatus could help restore someone’s eyesight even when they’ve lost their optic nerve. This latest technology can fix anything wrong in our brain. The Neuralink can also bring back memory, speech as well as movements of paralyzed individuals. 

Post a full symbiosis of the technology, and our brain will also assist human beings in interacting with each other without any need to talk. The owner did not state if we would need to know a particular language for this, but it will be likely.

The recent shock is about how a user can stream music straight into his brain. This will need hardware known as a link to be linked to the rear of our ear that will communicate directly with the device to stream music. 

You are going into the realms of artificial intelligence, and the possibilities are limitless. Imagine, you would not require a physical communication tool like a mobile device or a phone to link with others. The concept of telepathy isn’t farfetched with technology like this. 

Communication speed will increase too by fold as we will not waste time keying in sentences even if the process of acquiring thoughts as well as transcribing them into a sentence will take some time. The company has a plan of exploring more user cases; however, the main focus will be to ensure this state-of-the-art technology interacts flawlessly with various kinds of devices. 

There are some issues that if this device is linked to the online world how they will be secured and protected against scammers and hackers who may try to steal information straight from our brain and what is stopping an individual from spying How long this device will be inside our head? The company is looking at a timeline of one decade at least.