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What Is The Highest IQ Ever Recorded?

When it comes to determining someone’s mental ability, the first thing that may come to your mind is IQ or Intelligence quotient. Many experts tried to determine how intelligent a person is. Because of that, a debate has started discussing whether a person can control his IQ level.

Others think that IQ is one of the inheritable traits of a person, while others think that hard work flourishes it. No matter what the case, most of you would agree if we say that IQ is one of the best tools to measure someone’s IQ.

If you are asking what the highest IQ ever recorded in the world is, the answer is 200. But there is a list of individuals who have recorded more than 200 IQ levels. Below, we will discuss how that was possible.

A lot of us dream of having an above-average IQ level. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, improving our IQ level is still quite hard. But there are known people blessed with above-average IQ scores.

Only a few individuals in a population who took IQ tests got a score of more than 110. This means that we can easily identify the most clever individuals in society.

Now that you know that the highest IQ score ever recorded was more than 200, you might be asking who are these people have an above-average IQ. Well, we will find out some of them below.

What is IQ?

Even though most of us have already encountered the term “IQ,” only a few of us know what it is. Well, IQ or the intelligence quotient is a number that measures a person’s intelligence after taking a standardized exam.

Initially, one can calculate his/her IQ score by dividing the Mental age by Chronological age. The quotient of MA and CA will be multiplied by 100. On the other hand, these days, IQ is measured using the actual population values.

What is the Highest IQ Score?

If we are going to plot IQ scores on a graph, they will form a “bell curve.” The part where most of the IQ scores fall down is called the mean. After that, the two sides of the bell will slope down; the first side will represent scores higher than the mean, while the other represents scores lower than the mean.

When the bell’s slope starts to trail off, you will find the scores of the mentally disabled and highly gifted individuals. But in most cases, most of the scores who took the test lies on average.

The following could be an interpretation of the scores you may usually find in a bell curve.

  • Individuals who scored more than 160 are called genius
  • Individuals with scores of 145 to 159 have a high IQ level
  • Individuals with above-average mental ability scored around 116 to 144 IQ scores
  • People with average IQ have scored around 15-115
  • Individuals with 71 to 84 IQ scores have a below-average IQ level
  • Lastly, persons who have scored 1-70 have the low mental ability

Individuals with the Highest Intelligence Quotient

Albert Einstein

He is one of the popular scientists we know. But, he did not have the highest IQ score recorded. But still, he has one of the highest IQ scores ever recorded in the world. His IQ ranges from 160 to 190. According to experts, the IQ score of Einstein is between 160 to 190 because he did not officially take the IQ test. The number was developed by experts who evaluated Einstein’s intelligence.

William James Sidis

Compared to Einstein, William James Sidis was gifted with 250 to 300 IQ score. His intelligence could be innate because he belonged to a family of intellectuals. He was a true genius. Even at a very young age, he already knows how to type words. Aside from that, he already knows how to speak and write various languages, such as English, German, Russian, Hebrew, French, Latin, and Greek.

Terence Tao

Terence Tao was an Australian-American with an average IQ score of 225 to 230. He was a mathematician that was born in Adelaide in 1975. At a very young age, he already showed his interest in math. He got his Ph.D. degree at the age of 20 years old.

With his innate skill and knowledge in Mathematics, Tao received several mathematics awards, such as the 2006 Fields Medal. Currently, he is working at UCLA, living in Los Angeles, California.


These are a few of the individuals who are known because of their innate knowledge in specific areas. With the IQ scores of these individuals, most of you might be asking if you can improve your IQ score. Well, there are several ways to enhance the IQ score of someone. But take note that these ways will not cause a massive improvement to your score. But these can help you to stay focused and have a sharper mind.