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What is the Most Current Average IQ of a Lawyer?

What is the most current average IQ of a lawyer? What is the minimum IQ to become a lawyer? These are just some of the many questions that come to the mind of those who are interested in entering into this kind of career. Well, the answer is this:

Based on my research, lawyers’ IQ ranges. Some have about 114 high IQs (50th percentile), being 109 (25th percentile), and being 124 (75th percentile). However, as in all cases, IQ is just one marker. It needs to be understood that those with an IQ of about 100 can do just about anything they wish. In the case of lawyers or legal people, there is a fair number with IQs below 100.

This is vital information to a person who is just starting out on life’s adventure. If it means that if you are able to cope with the schooling, then the whole world is open to you. So, if you want to know more about a lawyer’s IQ and other related topics, I suggest you keep on reading.

Do You Need a High IQ If You Want to Be a Lawyer?

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There are some careers that need professionals not only to complete their everyday tasks. Now employers are searching for individuals who are able to analyze diverse cases and think outside of the box and arise with result-oriented techniques to assist the company to grow. This is where Intelligence Quotient or IQ comes into play.

It’s a common perception that lawyers’ average IQ is relatively high as opposed to other professionals. It’s true as lawyers have to study as well as remember volumes of information, utilize analytical skills as well as abstract thinking to present a specific case; they are likely to have higher Intelligence Quotient than most professionals.

To become an attorney, keep in mind that you’ll need to go into a demanding academic job. It needs utmost commitment and dedication, and even hard work to become successful in this demanding and challenging field. You are able to choose to become a tax lawyer, corporate lawyer, family lawyer, criminal lawyer, etc.; however, you need to have an above-average IQ level to be a successful attorney in the field of interest.

On the other hand, with no precise analysis about what kind of intelligence is the most advantageous for attorneys, it’s so hard to conclude which ones are cut out for this legal profession.

How Average IQ of Lawyers Changed Over Time?

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Lawyers or attorneys have become less smart as opposed to the average individual over the last decade; this is according to the research from the CMPO or Centre for Market and Public Organization. The research compared IQ scores for attorneys born in the year 1958 to lawyers born in 1970- who are presently climbing the ranks of barrister chambers and law firms.

Attorneys in the earlier group scored 11% higher than average; however, those born in 1970 were only 8% more intelligent. If you look at the number, this is a great fall than the mainstream, of other experts where the gap contracted by almost one percentage point. 

In spite of the shrinking capability gap, attorneys now ten to have come from a rich background those lawyers born in the 50s with the income for the parent of attorneys growing faster than average. ( 2 Feb 2009).

Bristol University-based CMPO researcher Lindsay Macmillan commented that in spite of the fact that attorneys are looking less like the average individual when it comes to family income, they’re looking more like an average person when it comes to capability. The hole in intensive quotient performance opposed to the average lawyer feels for many other careers and the law. Teachers, doctors, stockbrokers as well as bankers all moved closer to the average IQ between the two kinds of research. Scientists, artists, engineers as well as journalists have become smarter when opposed to average IQ scores; this is according to the research.

What is the Average IQ to Become a High Level of Attorneys?

To become a good lawyer, you typically have to go to the best law school, so meaning getting something like a top one to fifteen percent LSAT score as well as the top-five and twelfth percentile in grades. Simply getting into the best school for lawyers that you will have to be at to be a good lawyer places you at about the top five percent in IQ that places you at 130 to 145 range of IQ and work ethic of 90th percentile to boot.

In general, to be a good lawyer, perhaps you need to be argumentative, somewhat unpleasant, and outgoing; it assists in becoming competitive, and it assists in having a high intensive quotient, particularly on the verbal side. So, when it comes to IQ, you need to be smart to be a lawyer, most particularly at a high level.

Do you have to be really smart to be a lawyer?

To be a lawyer, first and foremost, you need an intensive and extensive education and learning. There are self-taught attorneys who have passes their bar exam; however, the majority did it the conventional way in law schools. So, the answer to this question is yes. You have to be intelligent enough in order to become a successful lawyer. There are instances that in entertainment, attorneys can be showed as scummy.

Are all Attorneys Intelligent and Smart?

Yes, attorneys are really that intelligent, with a lot of many studies that have revealed that attorneys have above-average IQ scores. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean all attorneys are brighter than an average person. Lawyers or attorneys can be lawyers with the above-average IQ, along with drive, hard work, as well as ambition.


All in all, attorneys have among the highest average intensive quotient of all the categories of jobs. Keep in mind that it is analytical, not emotional intelligence. Also, they have significant formal learning as well as professional licensure.