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What Kind of Music Can Help You Concentrate?

According to a study from the Stanford University of Medicine, listening to music can improve one’s focus. 

When we perform a specific task, we only use a side of our brain, which is why we lose our mental alertness. 

On the other hand, streaming songs creates a positive effect on the right and left brain. So, we can absorb new information, interpret things, improve reasoning skills, promote decision-making, and increase concentration. 

But what are the types of music you can listen to? Well, there are multiple options, and the classical is on top of the list. It is no surprise as it has a calming effect that can boost your mood and level up productivity. 

Type of Music For Your Concentration 

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Classical is one of the popular genres of music that help people concentrate and perform tasks more efficiently, according to researchers. 

Dubbed as the Mozart Effect, this theory suggests that listening to a classical composer’s masterpiece can enhance brain activity and improve your ability to solve spatial puzzles. 

Experts say it is because of the absence of words as they believe the lyrics in a song could be a distraction. What classical piece should you give a shot, though? 

The Fur Elise, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven and Giscard Rasquin, will be your best. It has a relaxing effect you cannot resist. Alternatively, you can also listen to other creations of Beethoven and Mozart. They are an excellent addition to your music playlist. 

Here are the other kinds of music that will help you stay focused within an extended period while studying, completing paperwork, or reading: 


For our second spot, we highly recommend cinematic music, an original song that accompanies a film. In many cases, it is written by a film composer that heightens emotions AND creates an aural mood for a specific scene. 

Cinematic music is usually a grandiose and epic soundtrack that can level up your productivity and concentration even if you are handling the most mundane tasks. This film score can also be empowering and perfect for lifting your spirits on a lazy weekday morning. Sometimes, we might feel tired, which is understandable if we do not have a quality night’s sleep because of paperwork. 

Now, what film scores should you take advantage of? Popular choices include Inception (2010), The Social Network (2010), Lawrence of Arabia, Cloud Atlas, Tron: Legacy, Amelie, The Bourne Identity, The Knick, and more. 

Staying motivated is always the key to a better quality of work in the office. But a Gallup study found only 33% of employees feel engaged in the US. That’s low and alarming. 

If you wake up one day feeling not passionate about your job, do not wait for something worse to happen. It is time to search for a film score on top video platforms and tap the play button. That’s it! 


For our third spot, we have nature music. Whether you feel down or encounter trouble concentrating, listening to a rainfall, flowing water, chirpings of the bird, and other sounds of nature can ease your mind, reduce stress, and improve your brain activities, according to experts from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

The study further found that employees become more positive while a nature sound is playing in the background. Then, they are likely to be productive and competitive. They can get their job done while meeting deadlines, think out of the box, collaborate with colleagues, and expand their knowledge as a professional. 

If you come to the point where you do not feel excited about everything anymore, it is time to take a break and unwind. The best way to relax is to be close to nature. You can go to the nearest falls or visit a bed reserve. 

But because of the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is challenging to travel. The good news is that you can listen to your favorite nature sounds without leaving your home. With your phone, a stable internet connection, and access to popular video platforms, you can stream nature music whenever you like. 

Ambient and Electronic

Ambient and electronic music is popular for a reason. Some say it is because of the variety of styles, ranging from fast to slow ambient rhythms, which are suitable for studying, working, or reading. 

Like the classical, nature, and film score, ambient and electronic can prepare our brain to learn in its own way. It removes every negative thought in mind, makes us ready to absorb information, and allows us to interpret within a few seconds. 

Who are the artists that deserve your attention? Well, there are several names to consider. These are Stars of the Lid, The Orb, and Skrillex. What platform should you listen to? YouTube is perfect. You can also visit other platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

Instrumental Rock

Who would believe that rock might be included in this list? Everyone might be surprised at first as it could be pretty disturbing. 

But like the other genres of music, rock is quite diverse. While hard or alternative rock can be disruptive to your concentration, instrumental rock is not the same thing.

Although it cannot compete with classical music, instrumental rock has its own way of boosting your mood, reducing stress, and activating your mental cognitive. But it might not work for everyone as people are unique. 

If you have been searching for bands that produce instrumental rock without a good result, don’t look further than Explosions in the sky. There are also other incredible musicians you should direct your attention to, including Sigur Ros and Mogwai. In addition, you can ask your friends for some referrals. 

So, what’s your choice? If I were you, I would begin with nature music as nothing can beat the sound of the bird, falls, and ocean. But it still depends on what works for you. 

We hope this guide helps you. What are you waiting for? Download your favorite music to have an exciting and varied playlist soon. Enjoy!