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Which Month Smartest People Were Born In?

We all know that there are people who seem to be able to do just about anything they set their mind to. They’re the ones who seem to have a knack for remembering information, retaining things, for giving great presentations. But how do they do it? Is it just natural talent? If you could tap into their brain, could you begin to take on some of their abilities? Would you believe that a person’s birth month has something to do with their intelligence?

According to research, a surprisingly strong correlation exists between a person’s birth month and intelligence, personality, and success. Of course, this means nothing if intelligence, personality, and success are fluctuating factors or dependent on other factors, like education. But, if these variables are drawn from the same pool, then the month of one’s birth should strongly influence their intelligence and success.

Which Month is the Birth Month of The Smartest People?

The month of a person’s birth certainly plays a part in their general intelligence. There are 12 months in the year, and every year, the question arises as to which month is the smartest. While some people will say that December is the ideal month, others will argue that September is the best. Which month wins?

According to a recent study, the people born in September are the smartest out of the entire year. People born during September have, on average, a better level of education than people born at any other time of the year. Still, studies found a clear correlation between the month during which you were born and how smart you are as an adult.

Also, July-born people are 10 percent more likely to be “above average” in cognitive abilities. In comparison, those born in February are 10 percent more likely to be below average in cognitive ability. April-born people are the most average, accounting for about 45 percent of people.

While the month you were born might have something to do with your intelligence, it’s not the whole story. Intelligence, especially the concept of general intelligence, is tricky to nail down. But researchers have crunched numbers from thousands of intelligence tests to come up with some general theories.

How to Become A Smarter Person

Something is fascinating about humans: our ability to change and adapt as we grow. We are exposed to different ideas and concepts every day in today’s world. For this reason, some people believe that intelligence is not a static ability but one that is constantly changing.

That is why to help you become the smarter version of yourself, here are the following ways that you can try:
Read more. Reading is among the activities which have proven to contribute to a person’s cognitive ability. Reading also acts as a kind of ‘exercise’ for the brain and helps us retain information better. Therefore, reading is one of the most interesting ways to learn various tips and be smarter, too.

Continue your studies. Education is very important, whether you are young or old. Whether you went to University or College, your education helped you very much in your career. It gave you knowledge and confidence. But nowadays, it’s not always best to go directly to University or College, which will cost you a lot, but there are other ways how to become smarter. You can learn by yourself, maybe online, by talking to people and reading many books. You can learn arts, music, dancing, etc. Many people in this world are so smart because they never stop learning.

Watch and read the news. Reading the news is a great way to become smarter, but choosing news sources that align with your beliefs is even better. Many young people struggle with fake news and being misled, so choosing credible news sources is critical to being an informed global citizen. Making an effort to find news from different sources, and comparing the facts, will help you become an informed, engaged consumer.

Travel to exciting places. According to a recent study, traveling is a great way to boost your brain power. Researchers at the University of Sussex found that taking a trip—whether a short-day trip, a week-long adventure, or a multi-month globetrotting tour—can help boost a person’s brain power.

Writing can make you smarter. Write, write, write. That’s how you become smarter, right? Your brain constantly takes in new bits of information and consolidates them into long-term memories. The more things you write, the more stuff you store in your mind. Writing helps you remember and helps you remember what you’ve already written. Writing helps you figure things out. Writing helps you think, and it’s even said to improve your IQ.

Unleash your creative side. Creativity isn’t just important for artists or writers. Everyone has a unique way of solving problems. And according to recent research, it’s one of the keys to personal success. Creativity helps us learn new things and think of new ideas. And according to a recent study, it’s one of the keys to personal success. Creativity helps us learn new things and think of new ideas. In fact, people who self-identified as creative were more successful than those who did not. They earned more, were more likely to get promoted, found more meaning in their jobs, and were more likely to remain employed.

Change your work perspectives. The workplace is rapidly changing, and the demand for today’s workforce is no longer the same as it was even a decade ago. Workers today are expected to be proficient with new topics and technologies at an accelerated pace, and companies want employees with specialized skills. Companies need workers who can follow directions, follow instructions, and solve problems quickly, and they rely on their employees to take the initiative and try new things.
Your birth month can make a big difference in how you view the world, how you feel about yourself, and what decisions you make. While you can’t change your birth month, you can adopt more intelligent ways of thinking. The better you get to know yourself, the more you’ll understand why you make certain decisions and how you can change them.