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Why Does Jordan Peterson Say to Make Your Bed?

Ever wonder why people make their beds? 

This is an important social norm that is explained in many accounts of human behavior, like most of our social customs. There are many ways to make it. For example, you can make your bed by aligning the bedsheets, putting the comforter on the bed, making sure your pillows are not stuffed, and other trivial tasks, which can be done in less than a minute. However, this is not the only way to do it. There are other ways to make your bed, like making the bed in silence, with a slow pace, and with a beautiful view, and giving the sheets a strange smell to make the other person interested in your bed.

Making your bed is a daily habit that can help you improve your life, but not everyone does it. There is a stigma around making your bed. We tend to think that it is a pointless activity that is too easy to skip. And, when we don’t make our beds, we feel guilty for not doing something we should be doing every day. If you are still not convinced about making your bed, well, perhaps knowing what Jordan Peterson says to make your bed will help.

Jordan Peterson: Who He Is and His Advice About Making Our Beds


We have been seeing and hearing a lot of talks recently about Jordan Peterson, who is a Canadian psychologist, former professor, author, and a bit of a rock star. In case you haven’t been aware, he has become a bit of a celebrity lately. His book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, has been a smashing success, and his Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life has been a best-seller too. 

His message is a bit complicated, but we have to say that it definitely resonates, and we don’t really understand how he does it. He encourages people to put things away, not waste time with trivial things, and “make your bed.” There’s no question that he is a man of considerable talent, with a voice that’s not for everyone, but we wonder about what he said about making our beds.

Why does he advise us to make our beds?


Jordan Peterson’s popularity has been met with mixed reactions. Most people are intrigued by his message of making your bed and having enough pride to treat yourself with respect. 

Make your bed and take care of your personal space. It’s a simple but seriously underrated routine that often gets neglected. In his best-selling book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Peterson explains that personal space prevents psychological entrapment and is fundamental to our ability to function in the world. This is cover for Peterson’s more radical ideas about manhood and masculinity, which have captured the imagination of the media over the past few years.

Jordan Peterson has become an unlikely symbol of resistance to the creeping totalitarianism of postmodernism, but his ideas have more to do with individual freedom than he may admit. As he explained to his audience at the University of Toronto, the purpose of his book 12 Rules for Life was to counter what he believes are the harmful effects of postmodernism and its influence on society. Most people are not interested in Jordan Peterson’s political viewpoints but rather his core psychological message: getting resilient, understanding who you are, and working to achieve your goals.

Science Explains the Importance of Making Your Bed

krista mangulsone RnR12I78SFo unsplash

If you’re like most people, you’ve never really thought about how your bed is made. Sure, you probably toss your dirty clothes at the end of each day and make sure your bed looks nice, but you’ve probably never considered how the bed itself is made. You’re probably not the only one. But science has finally explained why not—and it turns out to be an important part of your health.

Here are the following reasons why you should make your bed:

Improve Your Productivity

To make our bed is a daily ritual that many of us follow, and it can be an exciting way to get some work done. But, not everything is perfect when we make our bed because the rest of the house can be messy. Another thing to consider is how we sleep. If you sleep on a mattress and pillow, then the bed is like a cocoon for a tired, sluggish body. If you sleep on a duvet and blankets, your body is more relaxed, so it’s more likely you’ll wake up feeling rested.

Reduce Your Stress Levels 

Making your bed is one of the many things that can reduce your stress levels in the morning. However, making your bed doesn’t have to be boring, time-consuming, or stressful. You can have a great time while making it and have your stress level reduced as well. There are many ways to make your bed that can be very creative and fun. It is also a great opportunity to make it look good as well.

Make You Feel More Organized

There is something about the way a bed is made that we don’t even consciously recognize. When you make your bed, you are subconsciously organizing the environment around you. When you make your bed, you are literally reorganizing the world. You are creating certainty; you are creating predictability; you are creating consistency.

Make it a Habit

It’s no secret that making your bed makes you feel good, which is why we all make our beds every morning, right? But why is that? Research shows that making your bed helps to improve your mood and reduce anxiety, so why not make it a habit?

Making your bed is one of those small things that add up to big things. It is a daily practice that helps you to feel more organized and off to a good start for the day. It can also help you to feel better about yourself as you step out of your room, ready to face the world. To make sure that your bed is in the right place, you should make sure that you keep your bed clean and organized. The truth is that keeping your bed clean and organized can help you feel and be more organized, and it can also improve your productivity.